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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Concert - Visakha Hari - 11th Nov 08

Is not India shining ?

Karate kid surprises British champion
— Photo: Special Arrangement

Amazing at 5: Five-year-old Varsha Vinod, considered to be the world’s youngest black belt.

LONDON: Five-year-old Indian girl Varsha Vinod, considered the world’s youngest black belt holder, surprised a British karate champion with her skills in a mock-fight.

Juan Moreno, who is expected to represent Britain in the European Championships next year, said he was shocked at how good she was.

Moreno, 31 years her senior, said, “She is the ultimate karate kid. It’s hard to remember that she is just five, her skills and concentration are amazing.Varsha, a student at the Academy of Martial Arts at Alappuzha, Kerala, trains for two-and-half hours each day, The Times reported on Saturday. — PTI

courtesy : The Hindu 4th October 2009