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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My diary - 2nd June 2009 - Some corrections

I am making some corrections in the links of songs on various heads, every now and then, as the readers point out. For example, there were lot of songs were repeated in Carnatic music raagas - Bhairavi. It was pointed out to me, but some how I for got to make the corrections. Now I have corrected all the repetitions (about more than ten songs). Similar corrections are made in many labels, like Muthuswamy Dhikshitar etc. Readers, who faced this difficulty, but did not point out to me, may download them now afresh.

My heartfelt thanks to all those, who point out such errors, with the intention of making this blog perfect.

I also make some additions of songs under various heads, as and when, I gather further songs or contributed by readers. Readers, are requested to be on the look out at each and every label, to know, whether any fresh additions are made. For example, many members have downloaded lot of bhajans, but I found my subsequent additions under the head "bhajans"are untouched, even though more than twenty bhajans are added subsequently.

Few songs are added to Carnatic Music Raagaas - Begadaa

T.M. Soundarrajan' best

  1. Aaru maname aaru
  2. achcham enbadhu
  3. Andru ketpavan
  4. Azhagendra sollukku
  5. Chiththamellam enakku
  6. Chiththtiram pesudhadi
  7. Enakkum idam
  8. Endhan kuralil
  9. Isaiyaal vasamaaga
  10. Kallellaam maanicka
  11. Kalviyaa selvamaa  
  12. Kandhan thiruneeranindhaal
  13. Kannum kannum
  14. Karpagavalli nin
  15. Karpanai endraalum
  16. Maadhavi pon mayilaal
  17. Malarum vaan nilavum
  18. Manappaarai maadu katti
  19. Manimudi oraaru
  20. Mannanaalum
  21. Mella varum kaatru
  22. Mugaththil mugam
  23. Muruganai kooppittu
  24. Muththai tharu
  25. Muththukkalo kangal
  26. Naan petra selvam
  27. Nambungal muruganai
  28. Neeye unakku endrum
  29. Ninaiththa podhu
  30. Oli mayamaana edhirkaalam
  31. Oraaru mugamum
  32. Paar magale paar
  33. Paattum naane
  34. Pillaikku thandhai
  35. Ponnai virumbum
  36. Sindhanai sei maname
  37. Sindhu nadhiyin
  38. Solladi Abhiraami
  39. Sollil thamizhaai
  40. Thiththikkum thenpaagum
  41. Ullam enbadhu
  42. Ullam urugudhaiyaa
  43. Un kannil Neer
  44. Vasandha mullai pole
  45. Velaale vizhigal
  46. Yen pirandhaai magane
  47. Yennai yaar endru
  48. Yerikkaraiyin mele
I will be adding some more songs here. Please be on the look out
Anonymous Mahalakshmi said...
Sir, Can u post chinna chinna balan siva balan vana mayil yerum vadivelan by any artist???
January 18, 2011 2:14 PM

Carnatic Music Raagas - Bindumalini

This rag is an upanga raga and janya of 16th mela chakravakom. The arohanam and avarohanam of this raga is: S G R G M P N S - S N S D P G R S . The notes GA in Arohanam and note Ni in avarohanam are the vakra swaras.
The raga evokes bhakti rasa and has quick magnetic-type attracting effect to any listener irrespective of their level of music knowledge. Dr. (Mrs) Baby Sriram (w/0 Padayappa fame Sriram) used to sing the song "enta muddo" often in her katcheries, followed by a detailed raga vistharam. Raga vistharam appears to be difficult for this raga as very few musicians attempt it prior to the song to be sung in this raga.
I have heard nagaswara vidwans often play in this raga after detailed alapan. No doubt this raga is an auspicious raga, may be a minor type.
Radhe Krishna
Hariharan. ( in

  1. Anbaaga enaiyum - T. N. Seshgopalan
  2. Enthamuddo - Radha Jayalakshmi
  3. Enthamuddo - T.N. Seshagopalan
  4. Enthamuddo - Nithyashree
  5. Govardhana - Maharajapuram Santhanam
  6. Meruguchekkula - Priya sisters ( This is one more contribution from Ms. Latha. hats off to her enthusiasm!)
Readers having any other song rendered by different artists may send them personally to me to add them here