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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Laugh ! It is good for health

தொந்தியினால் ஏற்படும் பயன்:

1. கீழே குப்புற விழுந்தால் முகத்தில் அடிபட்டு மூக்கு உடையாமல் நம்மை காப்பாற்றுகிறது .

Advantage of big belly: When you fall face down, your face and nose do not get hurt

Smile ! It is good for health ( Only Tamils can)

நீங்க முதலமைச்சரா இருந்ததை பாத்துதான்.... நான் பிரதமரா இருக்க கத்துக்கிட்டேன்.... தேங்க்ஸ் தம்பி...

ஐயோ... பெரியவங்க பெரிய வார்த்தையெல்லாம் சொல்லக்கூடாது அண்ணே .... நாங்கெல்லாம் அப்பவே அப்படி....

An experience: New but Nice

TRUE INCIDENT by Ranjani - Useful for people traveling in Chennai buses!! 

True Incident happened for a lady who is a commuter in Chennai MTC!!

" I m working in Chennai One(Thoraipakkam), Chennai. I usually travelby

Metropolitan Transport Corporation(MTC) bus, from jain college stop (Which

is near to my office) to tidel park and from Tidel park I will catch train,

to home. MTC bus coming from kelambakkam(19B,21H) mostly wont stop in 

tidel park in early days. So I usually prefer to get into T51 bus, which will

stop in tidel park stop. After some time 19B started stopping in tidel park


Today while returning from office at around 8.30 pm, I was in a hurry to

catch my 9.28 pm train at Tidel park. I got up a bus(19B) in Jain College

at around 8.45 pm, and asked the conductor to give a ticket for tidel park

stop. He said, the bus wont stop there, and he asked me to get down at

signal if it stops there or else get down at stop next to tidel park. I was

argugingwith him that I am going daily with the same bus and get down in

the tidel park stop. But he kept on saying the same thing.. I got

irritated with conductor response. Suddenly I remembered a complaint phone

no.(9884301013) I read in one bus sometime back and noted down in my

mobile. I called that no. and said about the incident that conductor is not

stopping in the usual stop.

The MTC representative (person at the other end) asked me to give the phone

to the conductor. The conductor was not interested to talking with his

official. The MTC rep. asked me the bus registration no. He enquired where

is the bus at that time and I said it is in Kandhanchavadi. The MTC rep

said he will come in the line and talk to them. I was curious how he will

come and catch the bus.

After few mins. the wireless transmeter(to track the bus), near the driver

in the bus started shouting... Driver stop the bus. Driver stop the bus in

the left side of the road. Driver was not sure what is happening may be his

first experience, for others(including me) it is the real first

experience. The driver stopped the bus and started listening to the

transmeter. The MTC rep. enquired why the bus is not stopping in tidel park

stop. The driver said he stops in tidel park stop and in the previous trip

also he has done. The rep. asked him then why the conductor is saying like

that. He asked the conductor what is the issue. The conductor was

speechless. The driver somehow managed the situation and supported the

conductor by saying that the conductor was new to this route. The driver

asked excuse for the incident and said he will stop in the Tidel Park stop

The MTC rep. said he wanted to talk the passenger who called him. I went

near the transmeter and spoke to the MTC rep. He said sorry for the

incident happened and asked sorry on behalf of MTC. Everyone in the bus

were surprised of things happening. I came back to my seat and I was so

embarrassed as all were looking at me. Few passengers asked me what is the

number, and whom I called. They also took the number. The bus stopped in

Tidel Park stop then. After getting down I called the MTC rep. and said the bus

stopped in the stopping.

It was a nice experience for me and others who traveled in the bus,

including driver and conductor and I was very surprised after this incident.

Yes, nowadays good things are happening in government sector also and

technology is used properly."

Complaint Phone no. for Chennai MTC bus: 9884301013,9445030516,9383337639

from the face book of Vaidyanathan Sriraman