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Saturday, May 25, 2013


I had the opportunity of having some nice moments with this great legend. This photo was taken when we organised his music programme under the banner of "Apsaras"

As always happened in Tamilnadu, I have a feeling T.M.S. was not given his due honour for what he has done to Tamil Cinema. Mr. Muktha Srinivasan used to say: "We in cine field, are very friendly when we work together. Once the job is over, we do not care at all" This was what happened to T.M.S. If Sivaji was successful in many films because of the songs he enacted, the full credit goes to T.M.S. He contributed maximum for Sivaji's success and he was not even invited to the stage, when Sivaji was felicitated for his Chevalier award.

I feel that he should have been recognised better and honoured more than what he got. But, that is curse of our country. 

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