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Monday, May 23, 2011

Meenaakshi Mahimai

Dr. V. Sadagopan of Newyork,way back in 1989 , recorded a series of Musical tributes to Mathurai Meenakshi drawn from Sri Mutthuswamy Dikshitar's and Sri ShyAmaa Saastrigal's kritis. In addition to the rendering of the kritis by eminent artists , there are detailed introductions in Tamil about the
Vaibhavam of Madhurai Meenaakshi

  1. Cassette 1a - Part 01  
  2. Cassette 1a - Part - 02  
  3. Cassette 1a - Part - 03  
  4. Cassette 1a - Part 04  
  5. Cassette 1a - Part 05  
  6. Cassette 1a - Part 06  
  7. Cassette 1b - Part 01  
  8. Cassette 1b - Part 02  
  9. Cassette 1b - Part 03 
  10. Cassette 1b - Part 04 
  11. Cassette 1b - Part 05  
  12. Cassette 1b - Part 06  
  13. Cassette 2a - Part 01  
  14. Cassette 2a - Part 02  
  15. Cassette 2a - Part 03  
  16. Cassette 2a - Part 04  
  17. Cassette 2a Part 05  
  18. Cassette 2a - Part 06  
  19. Cassette 2b - Part 01  
  20. Cassette 2b - Part 02  
  21. Cassete 2b - Part 03  
  22. Cassette 2b - Part 04 
  23. Cassette 2b - Part 05  
  24. Cassette 2b - Part 06  
  25. Cassette 3a - Part 01  
  26. Cassette 3a - Part 02  
  27. Cassette 3a - Part 03  
  28. Cassette 3a - Part 04  
  29. Cassete 3a - Part 05  
  30. Cassette 3a - Part 06  
  31. Cassette 3b - Part 01 
  32. Cassette 3b - Part 02  
  33. Cassette 3b - Part 03  
  34. Cassette 3b - Part 04  
  35. Cassette 3b - Part 05  
  36. Cassette 3b - Part 06  
  37. Cassette 4a - Part 01  
  38. Cassette 4a - Part 02  
  39. Cassette 4a - Part 03  
  40. Cassette 4a - Part 04  
  41. Cassette 4a - Part 05  
  42. Cassette 4a - Part 06 
  43. Cassette 4b - Part 01  
  44. Cassette 4b - Part 02  
  45. Cassette 4b - Part 03  
  46. Cassette 4b - Part 04  
  47. Cassette 4b - Part 05  
  48. Cassette 4b - Part 06  
  49. Concert 5a - Part 01  
  50. Cassette 5a - Part 02  
  51. Cassette 5a - Part 03  
  52. Cassette 5a - Part 04  
  53. Cassette 5a - Part 05  
  54. Cassette 5a - Part 06  
  55. Cassette 5b - Part 01  
  56. Concert 5b - Part 02  
  57. Cassette 5b - Part 03  
  58. Cassette 5b - Part 04  
  59. Cassette 5b - Part 05  
  60. Cassette 5b - Part 06
Courtesy: Ravi (Mayavaram)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks a lot.. Varadarajan.R
Blogger Harisankar said...
does anyone know about a song which describes alankaram of meenakshi amman? its for my mother. thanks in advance
May 24, 2011 9:06 PM
Blogger Nathan said...
Thanks a lot sir for the wonderful upload.There seems to be a problem with #48. The rest downloaded fine.
May 26, 2011 6:25 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
No 48 is very much working. Please try again
May 26, 2011 7:22 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan The Sir is carrying out wonderful service by uploading so many that are to definitely strengthen the seekers of the Truth. Serving others has many levels depending upon the capability of the server. At the physical level one can provide help like giving food and money to the needy, visiting sick in hospitals and meeting their requirements. At the mental level one can serve others through our useful writings and books which can influence many with whom we have no physical contact. One can comfort others by our words and talks which is verbal service. Listening to the problems of others is also a service because who talks in distress is comforted by a patient hearing. One can serve others even by praying for the well being of those who are afflicted. To teach healthy ideas to others is also a service which can be given to any one at any time. All forms of service are good and should be undertaken as per the ability and inclination of the server. But the BEST service is that when the server raises the level of mind set of the receiver. Then the question “what should be the mind set”. It should be “Accept there is nothing that can be talked of as the non-Self or non-Supreme, neither mind nor world. In the absence of mind there is no thinking, in the absence of the body there is no aging”. When we think of the Supreme Being as inactive, neither creating, nor preserving, nor destroying, I call him Brahman, or Purusha, the impersonal God. When we think of Him as active, creating, preserving, destroying, I call Him Shakti or Maya or Prakriti, the impersonal God. But the distinction between them does not mean a difference. The personal and the impersonal are the same Being, in the same way as milk and its whiteness, or the diamond and its lustre, or the serpent and its undulations. It is impossible to conceive of the one without the other. The Divine Mother or Maya and Brahman are one
    May 26, 2011 11:02 PM
    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan Sri Harishankar has asked for a song that describes the ALANKARAM of Goddess Meenakshi. If I am right I think there is a song by Sri Madurai Somasundaram "kalaivannaththirumohini Uruvana Mohana Kannanin Thangai Angayarkanni Amma" in which the singer portrays the Alankaram of Ambal in a most emotional manner. With warm regards ravi
    Blogger Harisankar said...
    cannot find it on google Ravi. do you know the album or cassette or anything about the song?
    June 12, 2011 10:17 PM
    Blogger Harisankar said...
    ok. Mother says thats it. anyone has the song???
    June 12, 2011 10:20 PM
    Blogger Harisankar said...
    The song was mentioned in a paper by a american university thats all the record on google search. I also have tried the gramaphone records at grampy's place. All the music related people please find this song. surprised that, you guys have not heard of it.
    June 18, 2011 11:04 PM
    Blogger Harisankar said...
    Hello Uncle, do you know who this Ravi is, in the previous comment? in your follower list?
    June 18, 2011 11:07 PM