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Sunday, April 24, 2011

T.M. Krishna and Ustad Rashid Khan

  1. Raag Desh  
  2. Raag Keeravaani 
  3. Raag Sindhubairavi
There is some disturbing sounds while "Tabla" is being played in Raag Desh. Try to keep the volume to the bare minimum and you will be able to enjoy it.

Thank Mr.Vardarajan Raju
Anonymous said....
thanks arvind's dad - i just stumbled upon this and it promises to be good. 
 April 26, 2012 11:04 AM

A story of many brahmin family in India, particularly Tamilnadu. Very touching

Dhuruva Natchathiram

Thank Mr. Bhaskaran Sivaraman
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan On viewing this I felt What sort of sevice the Sir is rendering and how useful the Sir is to others. As usual I become selfish and I am prompted to expand the usefulness of the Sir by placing before him the following: Just like “Haridayana Samharitha” popularly known as “Tripura Rahasya” there is another volume in the name “Shiva Rahasya” . In the 6th section of the Shiva Rahasya, the findings from the 4th Chapter to the 47th Chapter are given the name “Ribu Geethai”. It was given to Ribu Muniver by Lord Paramshiva and the former gave it to the world. The entire work consists of 2493 Slokas in Sanskrit which has been given as 1924 verses in 44 Chapters by Brahma Shri Bikshu Sastrigal in Tamil. All the verses are published by Ramanashramam as a book having 532 pages. As I have already requested the Sir to provide me with the availability details of Chariya Kandam or Sariya Kandam in Tripura Rahasya, I am pleased to make the following request to the Sir. Ramana Maharshi told the people who met him in person to recite the 1924 Tamil verses and in due course the verses can be recited without referring to the written material. He says that this will be more than enough to understand the oneness with the God. I own the book “Ribu Geethai” published by the Ramanashramam but I find the language too difficult to cope with. This may be even due to my impatience. I request the Sir to let me know whether there is any commentary available for “Ribu Geethai”. Please forgive me for continuously troubling your esteemed self. Thank You, Sir, With warm regards, ravi
April 24, 2011 4:04 PM
Blogger BHASKARAN19 said...
RIBHU GITA - I find this link You Tube - may be useful to Shri Ravi who has posted this request to you
April 24, 2011 8:32 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan Thank You Thank You very much for the link on Ribhu Geetha. I will be failing in my duty if I forget to thank Shri.Bhaskaran. Oh! What he has done. I watched and heard Swamiji on Ribhu Geetha. It was only for nearly 10 minutes. I am terribly happy that there are many in pursuit of knowing the Absolute. Your esteemed self and Shri.Bhaskaran are among the many. Sat Sangam, in its real sense, is a necessity for the seekers. I have found two noble persons, your esteemed self and Shri Bhaskaran in the Sangh. Ramakrishna Paramahamsa says that it is not necessary to get immersed in the cup of the nectar but it is enough to sit on its rim. Lord Krishna explains to Arjuna that one need not imagine that one has to know the Absolute in his or her present birth but the developing the intention to know the Truth will help Me to arrange the births of the seeker in such a way that he or she climbs the ladder and never face a fall. I request you to inform me whether it is possible to throw some light on the Book or the Written Material from which the Swamiji reads out. bhu Geetha. This may seem to be over ambitious but perseverance, sincerity and the thirst to know more is propelling me to make such a request. My fault can be condoned. Thank You Sir, Thanks Shri Bhaskaran. With warm regards, ravi.
April 25, 2011 3:05 PM
Blogger BHASKARAN19 said...
Respected Shri Ravi - Thank you so much for your kind words. All credits should go to only one person Shri Harihan Sir for allowing/encouraging not only me but all youngsters to post in his Blog. Coming back to your request - there is plenty of links containing Swami Mooji speeaches in You Tube - which you may easily access - one among them is - With warm regards
April 25, 2011 7:27 PM