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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

D. K. Pattammal

Download 01-Ayar Kulachiruvan-Chenchuruti.mp3
Download 02-Alamamarathu-Virutham-Ragamaligai.mp3
Download 03-Bhajagopalam-Hindolam.mp3
Download 04-Bhajan.mp3
Download 05-Bhajare Gopalam-Hindolam.mp3
Download 06-Bharatha Punya Bhoomi-Kuntalavarali.mp3
Download 07-Chinnam Siru Kiliye-Ragamaligai.mp3
Download 08-Entaninne-Mukhari.mp3
Download 09-Eppadi Padinaro-Karnataka Devaghandari.mp3
Download 10-Eppo Varuvaro-Khamas.mp3
Download 11-Evarunarau-Malavasri.mp3
Download 12-Gokulam Brindavana.mp3
Download 13-Innumparamugham-Begada.mp3
Download 14-Inthaparamukham-Purvi Kalyani.mp3
Download 15-Iyyane-Kambodhi.mp3
Download 16-Kaadar Kuzhayaada-Thiruvempavai.mp3
Download 17-Kannan Madhura.mp3
Download 18-Kannan Varakanane-Brindavana Saranga.mp3
Download 19-Kannan Varakanane-Ragamaligai.mp3
Download 20-Keezhvaanam-Thirupavai.mp3
Download 21-Koodaarai Vellumseer-Thirupavai.mp3
Download 22-Kuzhalosai Kettayo.mp3
Download 23-Maale Manivanna-Thirupavai.mp3
Download 24-Mamava Pattabhirama-Madyamavathi.mp3
Download 25-Manasa Guruguha-Ananda Bhairavinan.mp3
Download 26-Munnu Ravana-Thodi.mp3
Download 27-Murugani Nee.mp3
Download 28-Naaninna-Darbari Kanada-Pdr.mp3
Download 29-Nenje Ninai-Jeganmohini.mp3
Download 30-Ninanthurughi.mp3
Download 31-Ninainthurukum-Ragamaligai.mp3
Download 32-Ninaipathepothu Nenje-Nadanamakriya.mp3
Download 33-Paramukhamenayya-Kharakarapriya.mp3
Download 34-Parathpara-Vachaspathi.mp3
Download 35-Radhika.mp3
Download 40-Sivaganga-Punnagavarali.mp3
Download 41-Sree Venugopala-Kurinji.mp3

Concert - Dr. Balamuralikrishna

Download 01-samavedam.mp3
Download 02-sadhinchane.mp3
Download 03-thatwamerugha.mp3
Download 04-bhavane.mp3
Download 05-neerajakshi.mp3
Download 06-rtp.mp3
Download 07-rtp.mp3
Download 08-otrumai.mp3
Download 09-thunai neeye.mp3
Download 10-thillana.mp3
Download 11-anugalamu.mp3
Download 12-samavedham.mp3
Download 13-mangalam.mp3

..that your agenda for this day has been set in your
soul. The only question now is whether you will listen
to that.

Do you know why you are alive? To give voice and
action and physicality to God. To become the
grandest version of the greatest vision ever you held
about Who You Are. Everything else is beside the

It will involve you, of course. It will grab you and hold
you and make you think it is important today, but it
will all be very much beside the point.

Stay on course. Stay on course.