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Saturday, November 27, 2010

26/11 Mumbai terror

Dan Reed’s ‘Terror in Mumbai’ is a jaw-dropping documentary on the 26/11 attacks that paralysed Mumbai and stunned the world. The film is narrated by Fareed Zakaria and includes the spine-chilling intercepted phone conversations between the terrorists in Mumbai and their handlers in Pakistan. It also includes CCTV footage from inside the Taj, police interrogation of the sole surviving terrorist – Ajmal Kasab, and never heard before accounts from several of the victims. After hearing the contents if you’re wondering why you haven’t seen this documentary on a TV channel or heard it being discussed in the media – then your guess is as good as mine.
Sample this conversation between the terrorists and their controllers from the documentary:
Controller: The captain of the boat…did you kill him?
Terrorist: Yeah, we finished him off
Controller: How?
Terrorist: We slit his throat
And that conversation is just the beginning of ‘Terror in Mumbai’, co-produced by Channel 4 and HBO. It has been telecast in the UK and the US and is widely available on the internet but has yet to see the day of light on Indian television.
You can click here to watch the documentary ‘Terror in Mumbai’
‘Terror in Mumbai’ also makes it evident that the controllers in Pakistan were aided by live footage of the attacks that was being aired on all Indian news channels. It enabled them to follow minute-by-minute how their operations were being carried out and give updated instructions accordingly. All of this can be heard in the intercepted conversations that form the basis of ‘Terror in Mumbai’.
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