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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Maharajapuram Santhanam - Tamil songs

Download 01 Aadaadhu Asangadhu.MP3
Download 02 Aadhi Param Porule.m4a
Download 03 Aadum varai avar.m4a
Download 04 Aarupadai veettinile.mp3
Download 05 Aasai Mugam.m4a
Download 06 Aayiram Deivangal.m4a
Download 07  Adiyen Paduvadhu.mp3
Download 08 Alai paayudhe.m4a
Download 09 Andha raama soundaryam.mp3
Download 10 Azhagana Mayil Meedu.mp3
Download 11 Bhuvaneswari paadham.m4a
Download  12 Chandrasekhara.mp3
Download 13 Chinnanchiru Kiliye.m4a
Download 17 Chinna vayadhinile.m4a
Download 13 Dhayavilliah Dhayaalo.m4a
Download 14 Dhikku theiyaadha.m4a
Download 15 Enakkum Unakkum.mp3
Download 16 Eppadi Pandinaro.m4a
Download 17 GuruvAyUrappane_appan-RIthigowLa.mp3
Download 18 Idadhu padham thookki.m4a
Download 19 Idhayam ondril.m4a
Download 20 Innum en manam- Varnam - Chaarukesi ..mp3
Download 21 Kaanthimathi.m4a
Download 22 Kadaikkan paarvai.m4a
Download 23 Kanaga sabaapathikku.m4a
Download 24 Kanavudhaano.m4a
Download 25 Karaththinil velendhum.m4a
Download 26 Karpagame kann paaraay.m4a
Download 27 Karthikeya - Thodi - P.Sivan.m4a
Download 28 Karunai pozhiyun.m4a
Download 29 Kuzhloodhi manamellaam.m4a
Download 30 Maale manivannaa.m4a
Download 31 Manasaara.m4a
Download 32 Mogathai.m4a
Download 33  Murugaa murugaa.m4a
Download 34 Muruganin maru peyar.m4a
Download 35 Naan Oru Vilayaatu - Navarasa Kan.m4a
Download 36 Nadamaadum.m4a
Download 37 Nalinakanthimathi.m4a
Download 38 Needhaan mechchikkolla.m4a
Download 39 Nee irangaayenil.m4a
Download 40 Nenjil Uram.m4a
Download 41 Paal vadiyum mugam.m4a
Download 42 Paarvai ondru podhume.m4a
Download 43 Paayum oli.m4a
Download 44 Pala Pala Chintanai.mp3
Download 45 Raaghavendra undhan.m4a
Download 46 Raamanai kannaara.m4a
Download 47 Saarangan - Ragamalika - Aadi.m4a
Download 48 Sadha nin paadhame.MP3
Download 49 Sadhasivan.m4a
Download 50 Santhatham undan.m4a
Download 51 Saravanabhava.m4a
Download 52 Saravana bhava guhane.m4a
Download 53 Sendhoor murugananin.m4a
Download 54 Senthamizh Nadennum - Mohana Kaly.m4a
Download 55 Sri chakra.m4a
Download 56 Sri Valli Deva Senapathe.MP3
Download 57 Surundiranda.MP3
Download 58 Suttum Vizhi - Ragamalika - Roopa.m4a
Download 59 Thaalattu.m4a
Download 60 Thaaye yashodha.m4a
Download 61 Thedi Vandhennudan - Aberi - Sudd.m4a
Download 62 Thirukkadeeswara.m4a
Download 63 unnai allaaal.m4a
Download 64 Valli naayakane.mp3
Download 65 Valliyin kalyaanam.m4a
Download 66 Varamondru.m4a
Download 67 Vedhamayam nee.m4a
Download 68 Vellai Kamalathile.m4a
Download 69 Vellai Thamarai.m4a
Download 70 Vel Vel veera muruganin.MP3
Download 71 Vilayada Idhu Nerama - Shanmugapr.m4a
Download 72 Virutham - Oodhugindra.mp3
Download 73 yaarenna sonnaalum.m4a
Download 74 Yaaro Endrennamale - Sankarabaran.m4a
Download 75 Yenakku vendum.m4a
Download 76 Yendha velaiyum.m4a
Download 77 Yen mugam paarayya.m4a
Download 78 yen palli kondeer.m4a
Download 79 Yenna dhavam.m4a
Download 80 Yennai kaaththarulavadhu.m4a
Download 81 Yerumayileri.m4a

Thank you very much for sharing these amazing collection and making them available to us. My daughter too wishes to thank you for all these songs Regards, Rama
January 19, 2009 11:04 AM
Blogger Rama said...
Thank you very much for this musical treat. The quality of the songs also very good. It is absolutely marvellous.
January 19, 2009 6:45 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Thanks for your kind words. Please keep posting your comments.
January 21, 2009 11:28 PM
Blogger Venkatasubramanian said...
Mama Sorry for troubling you again. Do you have ganamurthe by any of the top singers ? Also, I have a question. Should the first line be 'ganamruthe'(gana +amruthe) instead of the traditional (gana+ murthe). Since gana is equated with amruta rather than a murthi (a prathima or form). What do you think ? Venkat
March 15, 2009 10:54 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Ganamurthe is available under the tag T. N. Seshagopalan song No. 50. I do not think it can be rendered as Gana amruthe, since this is a song on Lord Krishna by Thiyagaraja, mostly with Sanskrit words. Krishna is considered Lord of Music, since he attracted the entire world with music, not only human beings but also animals. Hence, it will be appropriate to sing as Gana murthe as this is not about Gana( music) but about Krishna (murthi).
March 16, 2009 8:39 AM
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