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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Even in 2010 ..........!
Labourers hold their colleague to install underground electric cables on a roadside at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, on August 27

Is this love or ignorance ?
Chouthi Bai breastfeeds her twenty-day-old pet calf in her residence at Kilchu village, near Bikaner, in the desert Indian state of Rajasthan August 21. Bai has become an attraction in Kilchu village and receives many visitors curious to see her caring for her pet.

Indian growth story is propelled by black money

Post-Nira Radia, many economists and experts have been wondering whether our reforms, which are supposed to be facilitating growth, are giving raise to crony capitalism. These experts look at India with western lens and cannot think beyond received wisdom from Oxford and Harvard. They do not realise that the corporate sector has a relatively small share of GDP — not more than 15%. We are a nation of the self-employed.
The service sector, which constitutes more than 60% of GDP, is the engine of our economic growth. It is predominantly driven by partnership and proprietor-owned firms engaged in construction, trade, transport, hotels, and other services provided by the likes of plumbers and painters. It is this self-employed sector that is propelling our 9% growth story even though corporate bodies and government ministers appropriate praise for the economy’s performance. It is estimated that at least 10% (some suggest 30%) of our national income could be black money. It implies that out of nearly Rs60,00,000 crore of estimated GDP in the current year, more than Rs6,00,000 crore could be black money. A substantial portion is due to corruption by government employees. This money is not kept in cupboards or under the bed, though one ‘90s telecom minister (Sukh Ram) did stuff it inside pillows.
Money, white or black, circulates. The farther away it is from white, the faster it circulates. A big chunk of the working capital requirements of the unorganised sector is met through non-institutional funds like chits and money lenders. The retail trade has been growing at the compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.4% between 2004-05 and 2008-09 when the economy registered 8.6%. Trade includes everyone from street vendors to departmental stores. It has a 15%share of GDP, which implies that it adds value of Rs9,00,000 crore. In the case of retail trade, almost all capital is working capital. Assuming at least 60% of the value addition represents working capital needs, we get a figure of more than Rs5,00,000 crore as credit needs.  Of this, not more than 30% is provided by institutional credit, with moneylenders providing the rest. The same is the case with hotels and restaurants, transport and construction and other services, which — along with retail trade — constitute more than 50% of the economy. Almost all these are partnership/proprietorship firms.
They are classified as households in savings as well as lending data.The share of the household sector in bank credit has come down to 47% from 58% between 1990 and 2004 while the sector’s share in trade, transport, construction, restaurants, and other services has been growing at more that 8% CAGR. Here, households include agricultural households and, to that extent, the fall is very significant. Put another way, the growth rate of the last decade is not related to the credit mechanisms of the banking sector. This is banking with significant structural distortions. The share of the private corporate sector in national income is around 12-15% but it takes away nearly 40% of the credit provided by the banking sector. The fastest growing non-corporate sector gets a lesser share, which suggests that the non-institutional financial sector is playing an important role in credit delivery.
We find that 43% of rural household and 25% of urban household debt relates to moneylenders . So, where does the unorganised sector get the funds? According to our absurd laws, moneylenders cannot borrow, but can only lend. The huge amount of black money generated by nearly 30% of government employees (the previous CVC, Pratyush Sinha, suggested a 30% corruption rate) is probably used in the unorganised credit market. Given the regulations pertaining to KYC (know your customer) norms, it is difficult to save with banks or mutual funds. So the entire black money is finding avenues in the unorganised market where interest rates are very attractive. The crime news in many towns is about violence between small-time moneylenders and enforcers. One can infer that policemen are entering the market both as lenders and collection agents. This has implications for our governance system since the duty of the cop is definitely not to support unorganised banking.
How do we deal with it? Since we are a relationship-based society, it is not possible to surgically remove the cancer of corruption. If we do that, our growth will suffer in the short term. The best way is to integrate the unorganised sector with the general financial architecture and enlarge the availability of credit and funding to all instead of restricting it to corporate ‘thieftains’. We have to think beyond the 15% of our corporate economy to understand economic growth. Balancing the need for probity with growth of the economy is the big challenge of the coming decade. In other words, crooks do help in economic growth but society has to decide what price we are paying for this and strive to balance growth with probity and order.
The author is professor of finance and control, IIM-B.

Lata Mangeshkar - Solo

If you want to know what "Melody" is, you will know, when you download and hear these songs.

  1. Aah - Raja ke aayagi Baraat 
  2. Aalaap - Maatha saraswathi 
  3. Aan - Aaj Mere man mein 
  4. Aan milo Sajna - Tere Kaaran Mere Saajan 
  5. Aankhen - Gairon pe karam 
  6. Aankhen - Milti hai zindagi mein 
  7. Aap ki parchayaan - Agar Mujse Mohabbat hai 
  8. Aarti - Kabhie to milegi 
  9. Aas paas - Hum ko bhi Gham ne 
  10. Aaye din bhaar ke - Suno sajna 
  11. aaye milan ke Bela - Main Kamsin hoon 
  12. Abhilasha - Wadiyan mere daman 
  13. Abhimaan - Ab to hai tum se 
  14. Abhimaan - Nadiya kinare 
  15. Abhimaan - Piya bina piya bina 
  16. Abhinetri - O Ghata sanwari 
  17. Abhinetri - Sajana o sajana 
  18. Adalat - Unko yeh shikayat hai 
  19. Adalat - Yun hasraton ke daag 
  20. Aakhri kat - Baharon mere jeevan bhi 
  21. Amar Prem - Raina beeti jaaye 
  22. Amrapali - Jao re jogi tum 
  23. Amrapali - Neel Gagan ki 
  24. Amrapali - Tadap ye din Raat ki 
  25. Tumhen yaad karte karte 
  26. Anamika - Bahon me chale 
  27. Anand - Na Jiya Laage naa 
  28. Anand Math - Vandhemataram 
  29. Anarkali - Aaja ab to aaja 
  30. Anarkali - Yeh zindagi usiki hai - 1 
  31. Yeh zindagi usiki hai - 2 
  32. Anpadh - Aap ke Nazaron ne 
  33. Anupama - Dheere dheere Machal 
  34. Anupama - Kuch dhil Ne kaha 
  35. Anurag - Sun re pawan 
  36. Anuradha - Kaise din beete 
  37. Sanware sanware 
  38. Apnapan - Aadmi Musafir hai 
  39. Aradhana - Chanda hai thu 
  40. Arzoo - Aji roothkar ab kahan jaayega 
  41. Arzoo - Bedardi Balma Tujko 
  42. Asli Naqli - Tera Mera Pyar amar 
  43. Awara - Ghar aaya mera pardesi 
  44. - Na bole radha na bole 
  45. Bahaon ke sapne - Aaja Piya 
  46. Baharon ke sapne - Kya Janoon Sajan 
  47. Bahu Begum - Duniya kare sawal 
  48. Baiju Bawra - Bachpan ki Mohabbat 
  49. Baiju Bawra - Mohe Bhool gaye 
  50. Bairag- Choti se umar mein 
  51. Bandini - Jogi jab se Tu aaya 
  52. Bandini - Mora Gora Ang
  53. Barsaat - Barsaat mein 
  54. Barsaat - Hawa mein udta jaye 
  55. Barsaat - Muje kisise pyaar ho gaya 
  56. Basera - Jahan pe savera 
  57. Bees saal baad - Kahin deep chale 
  58. Bees saal baad - Sapne suhaane 
  59. Beti Bete - Aaj kal main dhal gaye 
  60. Bhabi ki chudiyan - Jyoti Kalash chaalke 
  61. Bobby - Aaye phansa 
  62. Bobby - Ankhiyon ke rahne de 
  63. Caravan - Dilbar dil se pyaare 
  64. Chaalia - Baje payal chun chun 
  65. Choti se Baat - Na jaane kyon 
  66. Choti se Mulaqat - Kal Nahin paaye jiya 
  67. Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan - Chal mere gode tik tik - 1
  68. Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan - Chal mere God tik tik - 2 
  69. Chitralekha - Saki re mera man 
  70. Chitralekha - Sansaar se bhaage 
  71. Chori chori - Panchi banu udti 
  72. Chori chori - Rasik Balma 
  73. Chupke chupke - Ab ke sajan sawaan 
  74. Daag - Jab bhi ji chaahe 
  75. Dastak - Bhaiyyan Na dharo 
  76. Dastak - Hum haim matey-e - Koocha 
  77. Dastak - Mai re main kaise kahoon 
  78. Dekh kabira roya - Meri veena tum bhi roye 
  79. Apna aur preet parayi - Ajeeb dastan hei yeh 
  80. Dil Ek Mandir - Hum tere pyaar mein 
  81. Dil Ek Mandir - Ruk ka raat 
  82. Dil ne phir yaad kiya - Aaja re pyaar pukare 
  83. Do Ankhein Barah haath - Aaye Malik tere baande hum  
  84. Do Ankhein Barah haath - Main gaaun tu chup ho jaa 
  85. Do Aankhein Barah haath - Saiyaan jhoothon ka 
  86. Do Aankhein Barah haath - Tak tak dhoom dhoom 
  87. Do Badan - Lo aagayi unki yaad 
  88. Do Raaste - Bindiya Chamkegi 
  89. Dosti - Gudiya Kab tak na hasogi 
  90. Dr. Vidya - Pawan Diwani na mane 
  91. Dulhan - Aayegi zaroor chiththi 
  92. Ek kali Muskayee - Na tum bewafa ho 
  93. Ganga Jamuna - Do Hanso ko juda 
  94. Ghar - Aaj kal paon  
  95. Ghar - Tere bina jiya jaaye na 
  96. Ghazal - Nagma O sher ki 
  97. Goonj uthi shenoy - Dil ka khilona hai 
  98. Goonj uthi shenoy - Tere sur aur mere geet 
  99. Guide - Aaj phir Jeene ki 
  100. Guide - Piya tose naina lage re 
  101. Guide - Saiyaan be imaan 
  102. Gumnaam - Gunaam hai koi 
  103. Gumnaam - Is duniya mein jeena ho to 
  104. Hanste zakhm - Aaj Socha to 
  105. Hanste zakhm - Betaab dil ke 
  106. Haqeeqat - Zaraa se Aahat hoti hai 
  107. Hare Rama Hare Krishna - Phoolon ka taron ka 
  108. Heer Ranjha - Do dhil toote 
  109. Heer Ranja - Milo na tum to 
  110. Hindustan ki kasam - Hai teri saath meri wafa 
  111. Holi aayee re - Meri tamannaaon 
  112. Imithaan - Roz shamm aathi thi 
  113. Intequam - Aa jaan e jaan 
  114. Ishq par zor nahin - Tum mujhse door 
  115. Jab jab phool kile - Yeh sama 
  116. Jab Pyaar kisise hota hai - Jab pyaar kise se 
  117. Jai santoshi maa - Main to aarti utaaroon 
  118. Jailor - Hum pyaar mein 
  119. Jeet - Sheeshi bhari Gulaab ki 
  120. Jewel Thief - Rulake Gaya Sapna Mera 
  121. Jhanak Jhanak payal baje - Jo tum todo piya 
  122. Jhuk Gayaa Aasmaan - Mere thumhare beach mein 
  123. Jukh Gayaa Aasmaan - Usne Mili Nazar 
  124. Jis desh mein Ganga behthi hai - O basanti Paavan 
  125. Julie - Yeh ratein Nai Purani 
  126. Khabie khabie - Mere ghar aaye 
  127. Khabie kabhie - Surkh jodeki yeh 
  128. Kali topi Laal roomal - Daga daga vai vai vai 
  129. Kalicharan - Ja re ja 
  130. Kanyadaan - Mil Gaye Mil Gaye 
  131. Kanyadaan - Parai hoon parai 
  132. Kathputli - Baakkad Bam Bam 
  133. Kathputli - Bol re kathputli - 1 
  134. Kathputli - Bol re kathputli - 2 
  135. Kati patang - Na koi umang hai 
  136. Khamoshi - Humne dekhi hai 
  137. Khandaan - Tumhe meri mandir 
  138. Khilona - Sanam tu bewafa 
  139. Khushboo - Do Nainone mein 
  140. Kinara - Abke na sawan barse 
  141. Kohra - Jhoom jhoom dalti raat 
  142. Kohra - O bekrar dil  
  143. Lahu ke do rang - Zid na karo 
  144. Laila Majnu - Husn haazir hai 
  145. Lata Mangeshkar - Aye Mere Watan ke 
  146. - Main tere ishq mein 
  147. Love in Tokyo - Koi Matwala 
  148. Love in Tokyo - O Mere shah e Khubaan 
  149. Love in Tokyo - Sayonara sayonara 
  150. Madhumati - Aajaa re pardesi 
  151. Madhumati - Ghadi ghadi more dil 
  152. Madhumati - Zulmi sang Aankh Ladi 
  153. Mahal - Aayega Aanewala 
  154. Main tulsi tere Aangan ki - Main tulsi tere 
  155. Mamta - Rahen na rahen 
  156. Man Pasand - Honthon pe geet jage 
  157. Man Pasand - Suman sudha Rajni 
  158. Manzil - Rim jhim Gire Sawaan 
  159. Mausam - Ruke ruke se kadam 
  160. Mehboob ke mehndi - Jaane kyon 
  161. Mehbooba - Mere naina saawan 
  162. Mera Gaon Mera desh - Apni prem kahaaniyan 
  163. Mera Gaon mera desh - Maar diya jaaye 
  164. Mera saaya - Naino mein bhadra 
  165. Mera Saaya - Nainowaali ne 
  166. Mera saaya - Tu jahan jahan chalega 
  167. Mere Mahboob - Mere mahboob Tuje 
  168. Miss Mary - Yeh Mard bade dil 
  169. Mother India - Duniya mein hum Aaye hain 
  170. Mother India - Ghungat nahin koloongi 
  171. Mother India - Nagri nagri Dware 
  172. Mugha E Azam - Bekas par karam kijiye 
  173. Mughal E Azam - Mohabbat ki Jhooti kahani 
  174. Mughal E Azam - Pyaar kiya tho darna kya 
  175. Mughal E Azam - yeh dil ki lagi 
  176. Nagin - Man dole mera tan dole 
  177. Nagin - Mera dil yeh pukhare aajaa 
  178. Naujawaan - Thandi hawain 
  179. Naya zamana - Kitne din 
  180. Nirala - Mehfil mein dil 
  181. Pakeezah - Chalte chalte 
  182. Pakeezah - Inhi logon ne 
  183. Pakeezah - Mausam hai Aashiqana 
  184. Palkon ke chaaon mein - Koi mera mathe ki 
  185. Parasmani - Ui ma Ui ma yehkya ho gayaa 
  186. Patita - Kisi ne apna banake 
  187. Paying Guest - Chand phir nikla 
  188. Prem parbat - Yeh dil aur unki 
  189. Prem pujari - Rangeela re 
  190. Pyaar ka Mausam - Main na miloongi 
  191. Pyaar ka mausam - Na ja mere humdum 
  192. Raat aur din - Awara Aye mere dil - 1 
  193. Raat aur din - Awara Aaye mera dil - 2 
  194. Raat aur din - Raat aur din diya jale 
  195. Raaz - Akele hai chale aao 
  196. Raajkumar - Aaja aaye Bahaar 
  197. Rajnigandha - Rajnigandha phool tumhare 
  198. Ram Rajya - Dar lage garje 
  199. Roti kapda aur Makaan - Hai hai yeh majboori 
  200. Sadhana - Aurat ne janm diya 
  201. Safar - Hum the jinke sahaare 
  202. Sangam - Mai ka karoon Raam 
  203. Sanjog - Woh bhooli dastan 
  204. Saraswatichandra - Chandan sa badan 
  205. Saraswatichandra - Chod de sari duniya 
  206. Saraswatichandra - Main to bhool chali 
  207. Satyam shivam sundaram - Aarti 
  208. Satyam Shivam sundaram - Bhor bhaye panghat 
  209. Satyam shivam sundaram - Satyam shivam sundaram  
  210. Satyam shivam sundaram - Yashomati maiyya se 
  211. Saudagar - Tera Mera saath rahe 
  212. Sazaa - Tum na jaane kis jahaan mein 
  213. Sehra - Pank hote to  
  214. Sehra - Taqdeer ka fasana 
  215. Shagird - Dil vil pyaar 
  216. Shagird - Ruk ja aaye hawa 
  217. Shankar Hussain - Aap yun Fasion se 
  218. Shankar Hussain - Apne aap Raaton mein 
  219. Sharmilee - Khilte hain gul yahaan 
  220. Sharmilee - Megha chaye aadhi raat 
  221. Shatranj - Jungle mei mor naacha 
  222. Shikari - Tumko piya dil diya 
  223. Swami - Phal bar mein 
  224. Talash - Kitni akeli  
  225. Taqdeer - Jab jab baahar aaye 
  226. Taxi driver - Jaye to jayen kahaan 
  227. Tere Ghar ke samne - Yeh tanhaai hai re hai 
  228. Tumhare liye - Tumhe dekthi hoon 
  229. Woh kaun thi - Aap kyun roye 
  230. Woh kaun thi - Lag ja gale 
  231. Zakhmee - Abhi abhi thee dushmanee 
  232. Zanjeer - Banake kyon bigada re
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wow!Really a great collection. thanks
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Dear Sir Vaithinathan Hariharan What the great Sir has done to the music lovers. All old time Hindi Hits of the Hindi Music Idol Lata Mangeshkar.Which song is the best, no one can tell. Bahome Chaliya or Hawa Mi Udutha Jaaye or Muhabat Ki Juti or Aye Malik Tere Bandhe Hum .......I have the song "Enthan Kannalab Karai Noki Pohiran" the Tamil song by Lata in the Tamil Movie "Vaana Ratham". I think the great Sir will extend the list of Hindi singers by providing songs of Mukesh, Hemant Kumar, Rafi and Kishore.I will keep waiting. I request the Sir to please provide me with the song of TMS in the Tamil Movie Hatim Tai.Also the song by PBS, "Yaar Ariyar Intha Parinale" from the Tamil Movie Sri Rama Bhakta Hanuman.This particular song is availabe in Hindi "Mahabali Hanuman" and in Telugu under the label"Lemmoyi" Sorry Sir. Again and again I disturbing your esteemed self. Sorry again. With warm regard ravi
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    Wonderful collection! A great service to seniors!
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    Dear shri hariharan, Once again you added a great song collection of the legend Lataji. I am a great lover and admirer of hindi film music especially the old ones. Lataji, Kishoreda and Rafi saab are my favourites. Thanks for extending your service to yet another language, Hindi. I already have almost all the hit songs of Lataji. But you have provided an exhaustive collection. Well done. Regards, Vinod N N
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    Dear Shri Hariharan Sir, Really marvelous collections. Music lovers thank you a lot. K V Ramani
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