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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Films Division Documentary on Music of India

Youtube keeps throwing up lovely surprises so often. Here is a an old documentary on the Music of India made in 1966. Some of the highlight are:

1. S Rajam with V Sethuramiah & Madras A Kannan singing Theritheeyakarada in Gowlipantu.
2. MLV singing Harismarane mado with Tiruvellore Subramaniam, RS Krishnamurthy Rao (?) and an unidentified Ghatam artiste.
3. A very very short clip of Ramnad Krishnan singing Parimala rangapate in Kambhoji with VL Vedagiri (?) and Coimbatore Ramaswamy Pillai (?)
4. A dance clip for Taye yashoda by Nirmala Ramachandran.

Some nice Hindustani clips showing Manik Verma singing malkauns and another, a young Pandit Jasraj singing Mia ki Malhar.

Unfortunately I am not able to identify all the artistes.

Special thanks to Veejay Sai for pointing out the link.