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Saturday, September 4, 2010

My diary - 4th September 2010

Bungling of Mediafire and my suffering
I used to maintain the statistics of my music files uploaded by me and downloaded by you. Every day I post them to my excel file from Mediafire statistics. This helps me to know, how many files I have uploaded so far, and what is the bandwidth available for you people to download and renew my payments as and when necessary, so that you are able to download without any interruption/problem.

Suddenly, from the total files uploaded, which was 7820 as on 27th August 2010, came down to 7678 on 28th August 2010. I immediately wrote to mediafire inquiring them what happened to 142 files which are suddenly disappeared. They wrote to me back requesting me to furnish the URL of the files missing. See the fun of it. How am I to find out the URL of 142  files which are missing from total nummber of 7820 files. Yet, I took the pain of counting the total files uploaded individually and furnished to them.

Here are the excerpts of our exchanged correspondence. I am posting them here for benefit of those who are using mediafire or any such up loaders and to blogger like me to understand this sort of problems which may crop up.

1.Acknowledgment from  Mediafire to my complaint


Your Ticket has been received and a member of our staff will review it and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this Ticket. Please make sure the Ticket ID remains in the subject at all times.

       Ticket ID: MJK-696638
       Subject: Missing files
       Department: Free Account - Questions about managing files
       Priority: Medium
       Status: Open

You can check the status of or reply to this Ticket online at:

Please do let us know if we can assist you any further,


2. Letter from Mediafire


Thank you for contacting MediaFire. Do you have a URL to one of the missing files?  We will need one in order to investigate this issue.

Best Regards,
The Mediafire Team

3. My reply to Mediafire

Please advise me how can I know which files are missing? Is that possible the figures in statistics go wrong? The number of files I uploaded and the figures shown in statistics now differs. I will have to go to each folder and take the number of files and then compare with your statistics figure which is very cumbersome as well as involves ( voluminous) heavy work load. Do you have any system by which you can do that? i.e. counting the number of files from each folder and then arrive at the total number of files?

In the absence of not knowing which file is missing, how is that possible for me to give you the URL? Please clarify.

With greetings

4. My letter to Mediafire

I am very sorry to state that I am not able to make out which file is missing.I took out the account of each folder. All the 317 folders contain 7699 files and there are 17 more individual files totaling 7716, where as your statistics as on today shows 7678. That itself goes to prove that your statistics is wrong.

I am maintaining an account of files uploaded and your statistics showed as on 22.08.10 total files as 7820. I did not upload any files after that. Suddenly on on 28.08.10 your statistics shows the total files as 7678.

There is discrepancy in the figure of total downloads served also. As on 27.08.10 it showed as 921157 and on 28.08.10 it showed as 906076, thereby reducing the total number of download served also. If the number of downloads could get reduced to around 15000 then the consumed band width also should get reduced. Whereas I am paying you as and when the available bandwidth gets reduced so that the files can be available to my file consumers.

This way I may put into financial loss also by paying for unused band width also.

Please clarify whether the discrepancy is in the figures shown in your statistics or in consumed bandwidth. In that case how the every day statistics went up to 7820 in total files and total downloads served went upto 921157. If you have corrected the statistics figures after finding certain discrepancies then I should have given credit in the available brand width also, which was not done.

Please clarify.

Is there any possibility of files being removed by you for any reason such as not being downloaded for more than a specific period etc?

An earlier reply will be appreciated

With greetings

4. Reply from Mediafire


I have reviewed your statistics and have found that no URL links in the top 50 that were accessed from 8-10 (date in question) until 8-30 have been deleted according to our records without being provided a URL link.  Does anyone else have your account login and password?  If so, is it possible that they may have accidentally deleted a folder?  When a folder is removed or deleted, all content within the folder (files) are removed as well.

Also, if any of your files were reported to our abuse department for violating our Terms of Service or Acceptable Use Policy, we are obligated to delete the files.  Please review our Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy at the following links if you have any questions.

The statistics are accurate.  Do you by chance have any print outs or screenshots of the information you recall from 8-10 so we can review it further?  If for any reason a file was banned or deleted, it would still reflect in your download statistics.  However, the URL would not be available if you attempted to download the file.  If you deleted the file, that information would no longer be available in the quick display of the statistics, but it would display in the full detailed report.

Best Regards,
The MediaFire Team

5. My reply to Mediafire


First of all I do not post anything objectionable in my blog to which these files are posted. I have not given the password to anybody, so that somebody can delete the files. And the most important fact is that no file was deleted. Only your statistics figure is changed. Please clarify this error. Even as on date, you will find my figures in the attached statement and your figures in statistics does not match. I hope you will agree, any discrepancy as such must have impact in "available band width" also

I am attaching the list of my folders with the content of files and in addition to them there are 17individual file. Even here, your statistics does not tally with my figures.

I am furnishing herewith the details of the data saved from your statistics from 10.8.10 to 30.8.10 for your reference and you will find the change on 28.8.10. If you can find out from your record how this change has happened without any file being deleted, you will be able to arrive at the answer.

Date Files Available bandwidth Total downloads

10.8.10 7673 114.82 892851

11.08.10 7673 104.89 894089

12.08.10 7787 85.14 896924

13.08.10 7787 73.64 898354

14.08.10 7787 51.48 901159

15.08.10 7787 28.41 903558

16.08.10 7787 11.92 905439

17.08.10 7798 3.49 906638

18.08.10 7798 96.35 907547

19.08.10 7798 90.11 908332

21.08.10 7801 74.14 910867

22.08.10 7820 56.07 913115

23.08.10 7820 48.85 914383

24.08.10 7820 38.2 916047

25.08.10 7820 28.74 917392

26.08.10 7820 17.82 918735

27.08.10 7820 330.5mb 921157

28.08.10 7678 -370.17 906076 *

29.08.10 7678 85.84 907024

30.08.10 7678 70.87 911166

* change happened

From this ( the figures of 27.08.10 and the figures of 28.08.10) you will find there was some discrepancy in your statistics figure and that has been corrected for reasons known to you only. When the total down load figure has come down to  906076 from 921157 how can there be no change in available band width. Please clarify.

With greetings

At this stage, I received a comment from Mr. Nagarajan, that some files from the concert No 90 of  GNB are missing. Then only I could make out some files are missing from this folder. Because of Mr. Nagarjan I could locate three files out of 142 missing files. It is now sure that there are 139 more files are missing. I am writing this to appeal to the readers, in case you find any file missing, please report to me immediately so that I can try to restore them. I will be very grateful, if you write to me to my gmail id: without simply ignoring the absence of file.

Blogger Varadarajan.R said...
i find a few files missing now and then because i started downloading only recently. will surely update you sir.
September 5, 2010 1:06 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Thank you
September 6, 2010 3:03 PM

Reader's Page - Dr. Mrs. Hilda Raja

Dr Mrs. Hilda Raja is a sharp and ferocious writer on various issues. I receive lot of mails from her on different subjects of functioning of our politicians. Even though they are 100% based on facts, and echo the views of many of us, I could not publish them, because they are mostly appear to be based on one sided of a political party. However I could not stop posting this because it is so true.

How long will you abuse our patience, Oh Chidambaram!

‘One begins to wonder: is this government serious about reforming the revenue’ (a leading paper in its editorial on 1st Sept.) But it is not just in the revenue area, in all areas from Sports and Games, Cricket, Security, Army, Police, Black money stashing, Illegal Mining, Education, Judiciary-every single area of governance the UPA 2 is not serious in reforming. It does not have the political will nor the integrity to plug the loop holes, to streamline to reform. This is a leaking government - a government which seeks power without responsibility and like a leech sucks the blood of the people. The people are held prisoners-helpless with no democratic weapon to fight back. Jug Suraiya so vividly and pointedly stated in his article, ‘Whose boycott?’(TOI-1st Sept) because you can’t boycott someone or something that has already boycotted you’. He is right-the UPA2 has boycotted the people-the farmers, the aam admis, the tribals, and as he says ‘it is becoming increasing clear that our present day- powers -that -be have boycotted us long before we could boycott them, or any of their projects’. The UPA2 headed by the Congress is thoroughly corrupt. It is a government of the corrupt for the corrupt by the corrupt. Look at the blatant way in which it functions. To retain power it yields to its allies-so A.Raja stays, Suresh Kalmadi stays, Pawar stays even when the poor starves while the rats fatten themselves. Does he not know the difference between a Supreme Court order and a suggestion? Should not Pawar be held guilty of contempt of Court? These high and mighty people are above the law-everything and everyone simply continues as though nothing has happened.

There is no public probity and minimum grace to at least apologize. Take P.Chidambaram’s ‘saffron’ terror-surely it is politically, linguistically, culturally and religiously wrong-yet neither he nor the PM had thought it appropriate to apologize. What does that indicate? Either the Congress purposely used ‘saffron’ terror to appease the Muslims or to give the impression that the Hindus are also involved in terrorism. Chidambaram’s statement was not a slip of the tongue. He was addressing the police chiefs and cautioning them to be vigil on ‘saffron’ terror. Chidambaram is one who thinks that he can simply talk his way through. No wonder one of the Congress leaders accused him of ‘intellectual arrogance’. But it looks that he is just not that but one who also indulges in petty politics. To gain votes he is being untruthful. When Chidambaram’s son- who is one of the trustees of the temple in Siva Ganga will hoist the temple ‘saffron’ flag then Chidambaram must realize that his statement is directed against all temples with the saffron flags-are the centers of terrorists’ activities. So his son is a leader of such activities? Chidambaram has abused and insulted all our sants and swamijis by that reference to ‘saffron’ terror. Without any fuss and with some humility he should apologize. Instead both he and the PM are silent and trying to ignore this. Does it mean that only votes count? Does it mean that consciences do not exist? Then where is integrity and truth? Can these be bartered off for votes? How can one always refer to the PM as a man of integrity and honesty? To abet dishonesty and corruption is equal to be dishonest and corrupt. Chidambaram’s great bravado-that he stands by ‘saffron terror’ goes to reveal not only his intellectual arrogance but his intellectual dishonesty. To barter away truth for votes is a clear sign of lack of integrity-How many saffron terrors can PC enumerate. On the other hand what about the ‘green’ terror what about the Islamists patent for jihadi terrorism. PC as Home minister is fully equipped with this intelligence input. But he dare not state the truth because it will irk the Muslims and that may lead to vote bank erosion. So right or wrong-truth and untruth all get blurred in the vote bank politics. And as he claims ‘it has served its purpose’. Can he elaborate on that? What purpose has it served? He as HM has a great responsibility and not juggle with words and phases to serve a purpose. Well if it has served a purpose then why not withdraw it. A sign of greatness is the ability to display grace and humility-these two virtues are not assets of the Home Minister and so his party mate tagging him as intellectually arrogant is apt. But unfortunately that arrogance has blurred truth and judicious probity in public life. Where does the PM stand on these?
The UPA 2 is a wrapper government with no governance-it is panels/commissions/committees Raj which means enormous finance expenditure. Still the MPs demanded a 300 percent salary hike to which the Finance minister yielded. What a shame and a free fall of the MPs under this regime. They who call themselves as People’s representatives were bargaining for a salary one rupee higher than the babus. The babus have a minimum qualification, and training. What qualification has the MPs? A babu’s peon even has a stipulated minimum qualification and if he was charged or involved in murder, nay even in cheating he will not be appointed. But look at our MPs their qualifications, their lack of training, their crores and crores and many of them involved directly and/ or indirectly with murder, cheating and corruption. For them we- the aam admis have to pay a salary. Can there be a greater injustice?
All this and more under the UPA2.No wonder it is aptly said that the government has boycotted the people. Self servers, with vested interested persons-they can do anything, say anything and get away.
The money meant for the SCs/STs have been diverted for the Congress Wealth Games -accepts Chidambaram-So what, we will bring it back! It is as simple as that. But it is an unconstitutional act, the HM must know, and how glibly he stated that this unconstitutional diversion was done. Shows the depths to which this Congress led UPA 2 have fallen. Constitutional norms are given the go by and very arrogantly asserted in Parliament that it is so. It will not serve the Congress to take the people for a ride all the time. Like a smoking volcano the aam admis built up resentment and anger will erupt then woe to the Congress and its intellectually arrogant and intellectually dishonest Home Minister P.Chidambaram they will be washed away by the lava of justice and truth –spewed by –We the People.
Dr Mrs Hilda Raja

Blogger balayogi said...
chidambaram will continue to talk thi s and much more because he is involved in the biggest scam of this century.i.e participatory notes if you need details please contact dr.subramanya swamy
September 7, 2010 5:26 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Can you please quote, one case. which Dr. Subramanya swamy has proved with documentary evidence or in a court of law, except making statements. It does not mean that I say Mr. Chidambaram is right. I strongly feel, he needs a coaching to talk in public.
September 7, 2010 6:21 PM