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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Thirukkural - what is this?

When I was talking to a relative of mine, he told me that he does not have time to read "kural, kiral etc" (a way of expressing opposite things in Tamil). True. He is a man, who does not have time, to read anything, other than the subjects, which are necessary for him. Since he spends more time in the sky, than the earth, by touring the entire world, to make money, he feels a literature has no role to play in his life. Is that true?

Every speedy action has to halt at some stage. When that rest occurs, when there is no need for him to make money, and plenty of time available to him, because, he need not have to travel, what is going to give him company?

There is an impression among many, in the present day generation, that there is no need to learn any thing else, other than the subject they deal with, and they are afraid, any diversion will hamper the progress in the field, they are in.

May be true. But when they miss certain subjects, which they consider, that it is not necessary for them to read and learn, they are loosing certain important messages, which are relevant to their day today activities. Hence, it is necessary for everybody, to spare some specific time to read everything, and choose whichever necessary for their life, and apply them in their life.

For example,

A man wise enough to have men of
greater wisdom than he, to advise him
shall be a really powerful ruler.(444)

This English translation of 444th Kural does not require explanation. But, how many are prepared to have more intelligent men than him around them? May be few successful men. But if everybody, who reads this Kural and understand and applies this Kural in his carrier/life, is sure to win.

This is another one:

Where the leader has this company of
counsellors who could reprove him
None on earth can bring about his ruin (447)

How important and relevant even in today's life!

This one:

Placate and make friend with the enemies
even more swiftly than thou rewardest friends (679)

I can quote many like this, but many may feel that they already know these things. The truth always is that you do not know what you do not know.

So my dear friends, please spare some time to read these articles on Kural and derive the benefits and mind you, I am writing this only for those who have not read Thirukkural.