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Friday, January 28, 2011

My diary 28.1.2011
This was the mail I received from one of the readers.

Dear Sir,
Many congratulations for running such a lovely blog and contributing to the large music lover population. I thoroughly enjoyed and would be visiting regularly and listen to your collection. 
I had a small request. Sometime back I heard a beautiful song on the World Space Radio Station - Shruthi but unfortunately couldnot note the artist or the othe other details. I only vaguely remember the first few words of the song, which are as under:  
" Nam Mukthi Tara Madhavane, Bhakti Sayya Kadaithadu, Mun Saidu Tava Payane"
If you by any chance could recognise the song, then I would like to have the details, such that I could listen to it.
Best Regards,

Thanks to this mail from Mr. Srikrishna, I looked in the blog for this song and found this beautiful song rendered by T.N. Seshagopalan  was somehow missing in the list of songs. So I have  now uploaded it. Other readers also can download now and hear this song. It is with the date at the end indicating it was uploaded on this date. (song NO 108)
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan To quote James Hadley Chase " Long Time No See". Sorry Sir. I am prepccupied in connection with the betrothal of my second daughter. I will mail an invitation to your esteemed self and I expectantly request your esteemed self to attend the function and bless the couple. I am very happy that your esteemed self, as usual, have responded to the request of a music Lover Sri Krishna by presenting him with the song he much wanted. I am to be reminded of Pattinathar complaining to Lord Shiva for giving MOKSHA to one of his disciples, keeping Pattinathar waiting. Ofcourse it is for a human to ask Shiva why. Sir, I am eagerly waiting for the song Mayilerum Vadivelane by KBS from the film Avvaiyar to download. Sorry for the inconvenience. With warm regards ravi
January 28, 2011 10:27 PM

Music Therapy for Senile Dementia

by - Dr. T V Sairam

Music therapy holds a promise for many of those who are affected by age-related
disorders. It is being recommended as an effective cure not only in memory loss but also for working with people who have movement disorders, especially Parkinson's.

Research conducted at Beth Abraham Hospital shows that Parkinson's patients regained some ability to organize and perform movements that were lost due to the disease. It was also found that for such results, it is necessary that the music selected for them must evoke a response in each of them. To make them move physically or walk,the rhythm must be powerful and pro-active. While prescribing the music, normally therapists go for such genre, which is familiar to the patients, based on their taste and preference. Normally music therapists study such patients to ascertain their likes and dislikes in music before prescribing an appropriate music dose for them.

However, recent research conducted by Dr. Giovanni Frisoni and his team at National Centre for Research and Care of Alzheimer's Disease, Bersica would reveal that people suffering from dementia could be an exception to this rule, as they sometimes acquire new and even unexpected tastes – and that too all of a sudden.

As dementia is characterized by loss of reasoning abilities, language skills and memory, no reason could be attributed to this sudden transformation in them. These patients started liking those musical forms which they used to hate when they were young!

A 68-year old lawyer who used to only like classical music in his youth, started
developing an 'ear' for pop music, which he used to call as 'mere noise'.

A 73-year old lady, who had developed apathy in her children also started showing
interest in pop music, which her grand-daughter was learning.

According to Dr.Frisoni, this change of behaviour could be due to various reasons.
Primarily, could be due to change in one's attitude toward novelty. For those who are above 60, pop music can be considered novel. Secondly certain portion of the brain- in such people- could be damaged affecting their perception in pitch, timbre, rhythm and acquaintance.

Another study by neurologists at the University of California-Los Angeles (1998) reported that dementia can bring out artistic talents in people who never had them before. In that study, it was observed that patients developed artistic talents, including music and drawing, which flourished while the dementia worsened. This indicates that as a part of medical treatment, the dementia-affected can be encouraged to learn or play a musical instrument if necessary with the help of a therapist.

However, in working with people affected by dementia, a caution has to be exercised as certain types of music can cause agitation in them. Music can bring out both positive and negative memories. One should endeavor to play those who bring back positive results in such patients. A close observation by therapists while music is played is, therefore an important requirement in such cases.

Bharat Rathna Pundit Bhimsen Joshi (Marathi)

  1. Aata Kothe Dhave Mana 
  2. Adhika dekhane  
  3. Indrayaani Kaanhee  
  4. Kaya hi pandhari  
  5. Mazha bhava 
  6. Namacha Gajar 
  7. Pandhari Nivasa  
  8. Raajasa sukumar  
  9. Sukhache he naam  
  10. Tirtha Vitthala Kshetra Vitthala.
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