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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Some of the best advertisements

I was interested in advertising line. But, somehow, I could not go to that business. I was assisting a friend of mine who was in advertising line,as part time employee to learn that field, when I was doing my own business. So advertisements in any media is always attractive to me. Here are few, which are very interesting. To enjoy more, zoom your page to full screen

Against smoking
Save trees

Save animals
Promotion of adoption
Plant more trees
JK tyres
Head and shoulders
About global warming
Against girl infanticide (if for any reason the picture is not visible, click the symbol in the left top of this square)
By Dubai traffic police
Against drug abuse
Against drunken driving
Drilling machine
Donate eyes
Against child labour ( Many children get into their father's shoes )
By cancer society
By xerox ( Borderless printing )