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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Concert - Maharajapuram Viswanatha Iyer

Download 01 - Evari Bodhana - Abhogi Varnam.wma
Download 02 - Raghuvara Nannu - Pantuvarali.wma
Download 03 - Jagadananda Karaka - Nattai.wma
Download 04 - Ilalo Pranatarti - Ataana.wma
Download 05 - Seethapate - Khamas.wma
Download 06 - Tholijanma - Bilahari.wma
Download 07 - Ksheenamai - Mukhari.wma
Download 08 - Bhavanuta - Mohanam.wma
Download 09 - Mokshamu Galada - Saramathi.wma
Download 11 - Neerajadala Nayana - Maand.wma
Download 12 - Slokam - Ragamalika.wma
Download 13 - Adi Neepai - Yamunakalyani.wma
Download 14 - Mangalam.wma

...that your contribution to this very day could set the
stage for an entirely different kind of year.

Funny how things work. Sometimes the smallest choice,
one that you might make within these 24 hours, can
set into motion huge energies bringing you great good
and enormous joy. 

Watch the day, then, and watch how you move through
it. You may not know when you are setting those energies
into motion. But you are. With everything, actually, that
you think, say, and do.

So go out and make it a great day!

Anonymous Srini Ram said...
Dear Sir

Thanks much for your nice concerts.

Concert no 370 is of Shri Viswanatha Iyer & not of Shri.Santhanam.
Very good concert and thanks
July 4, 2013 at 7:00 PM

think loud

Concert - M. S. Subbulakshmi

M.S.S's marriage photo

Download 01-Speech By Cvn.mp3
Download 02-Rama Nannu Brovara.mp3
Download 03-Sarasksha.mp3
Download 04-Sarojadalanetri-Sankarabharana.mp3
Download 05-Sarojadalanetri-Sankarabharana.mp3
Download 06-Speech By U Thant.mp3
Download 07-English Hymn.mp3
Download 08-Sree Rangapuravihara.mp3
Download 09-Siva Siva Bho.mp3
Download 10-Jagadodharana.mp3
Download 11-Hari Tum Haro.mp3
Download 12-Vadavarayai.mp3

...that when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, it
is not beneficial to go out and build more tunnel.

It was John Quinton who observed that politicians do
that. Maybe you've caught yourself doing it, too. Just
when things look like they're getting better, you start
seeing more things that "aren't right," or "could go

The Universe is essentially a friendly place. So friendly,
in fact, that it will give you exactly what you expect
it to.

Isn't that wonderful? Of course, it depends on what
you expect...

Smile !! It is good for your mind !!

Concert - Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna

Download 01 Chandram baja = Asaveri .mp3
Download 02 Bhogachaya = Bhogachayanata .mp3
Download 03 Sri Neelotpalanayike = Reetigowla .mp3
Download 04 Chintayami satatam = Margadesi .mp3
Download 05 Sri Balasubramanya = Bilahari .mp3
Download 06 Sringara rasamanjarim = Rasamanjari .mp3
Download 07 Maye = Sudda Tarangini .mp3
Download 08 Dakshayani = Todi .mp3
Download 09 Mamava Pattabirama = Manirangu .mp3
Download 10 Tillana.mp3
Download 11 Seethakalyana = Sankarabaranam .mp3
Download 12 Nagumomu galavani = Madhyamavati .mp3

...that on this day will you have an opportunity to attend
your own campaign

You are invited by life to elect yourself a Spiritual
Leader, and to take office today. What does a
spiritual leader say? A spiritual leader does not say,
"Follow me." A spiritual leader says, "I'll go first."

Decide today to take the oath: I promise to "go first"
in demonstrating forgiveness, compassion, understanding,
generosity, kindness, cheerfulness, positivity, and love.