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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vidhya Bhushan

Smile ! It is good for health

A little boy, after being shouted at by his mom, sitting sadly.
Dad asked " What happened son? "
Kid said " Dad, I can't handle your wife anymore. I want my own wife !"

Concert - T.K. Rangachari

  1. Vanajaakshi 
  2. Endharo 
  3. Gurulekha 
  4. Srikantha 
  5. Naaradha gaana 
  6. Naadhaloludai 
  7. Brovammaa 
  8. Nijadaasavarada 
  9. Paalinchu Kaamaakshi 
  10. Thathvameruga 
  11. Chintanasthikilam 
  12. Varuvaaro 
  13. Maamava 
  14. Kadimodi

...that you must be willing to lose it all before you can
have it all.

What does this mean? It means that until you can let
go of everything, you will find it hard to hold onto

Detachment is the key. If you are so attached to
something that you are deeply unhappy without it,
then you are not simply attached, you are addicted.