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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Concert - T.V. Sankaranarayanan

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The number is 97733-00000

NO need to prefix 0 or +91.

Best of all, you don't pay a premium charge for any of this, just the price of a standard SMS. 

sent by Mr. Bhaskaran Sivaraman 
Blogger Hemalatha said...
Very useful info. Thanks and Regards
January 22, 2011 3:01 PM
Anonymous P.Ganesan said...
Thank You very much Sir. This information and other plethora of useful nuggets given painstakingly by you is touching several hearts. With regard to the music offered by you for us lazy people, a seperate thanksgiving note is due and shall be given shortly. Thank you Sir, once again. Regards Ganesan Pancharatnam
January 22, 2011 4:54 PM

Equivalent Hindusthani and Carnatic Raagaas
In continuation of "Music therapy", articles, I am posting here the equivalent Carnatic Music Raagas to Hindusthani raagas, so that you can refer this as ready reckoner as and when required.

Hindusthani Raga Melam Carnatic Ragam
Kalyani 65Mesa Kalyani
Bilaval 29Dheera Sankarabaranam
Kamas 28Hari Kambodhi
Bhairav 15Maya Malava Gowlai
Bharavi 8Hanuma Thodi
Asaveri 20Nata Bhairavi
Thodi 45Subha Pantuvarali
Poorvi 51Kama Vardhani
Marwa 53Gamashrama
Kapi 22Karahapriya
Adhput Kalyan 29Niroshta
Alaya Bilaval 29Bilahari
Ambika 59Dharmavathi
Anand 65Anand
Ahi Mohini 20Bhairavi
Abohi Kannada 22Abohi
Indumathi 51Indumathi
Odaiva Bilaval 29Lalitha
Kamaji 28Kamaji
Kamala Manohari 27Kamala Manohari
Kara 28Dhana Kapi
Kalavathi 16Chakravaham
Karabi 22Hindusthan Kapi
Girija 15Vasantha
Kusuma Ranjani 15Gowlibandhu
Kedara Natta 29Kedar
Kedara Natta 46Shatvitha Margani
Kokila Pancham 8Prabhu Priya
Gopi Kamboji 22Jaya Narayani
Gopika Vasantham 20Gopika Vasantham
Kousika Dhwani 29Takka
Gowri 15Gowri
Gouda Sarang 29Gouda Sarang
Kount Giri 22Pushpalathika
Kount Giri 22Sudha Dhanyasi
Champak 28Balahamsa
Champakali 64Kedakapriya
Chanchaldas Malhar 22Arohanam: Madhyamavathi
Chandra Kauns 22Varam
Chaaya 65Bekada sarang
Sudha Kalyan 65Mohanam
Chapa kantarav 20Chapa Kandarava
Thakka 8Dhanyasi
Dhanashri 8Dhanyasi
Dhanashri 20Abheri
Dhanashri 29Karnataka Deva Gandhari
Darbari Kanada 20Darbari Kanada
Tilang 36Vedhantagamana
Tilang 28Tilang
Thilakkamodh 27Nalinakanthi
Deepak 51Deepaka
Durga 29Sudha saveri
Durga 22Mathuradwani
Durga 22Varam
Desh 28Kedara gowlai
Desh Kaut 28Desiya gowlai
Desakshi 28Bilahari
Deshkar 29Mohanam
Devaranji 15Devaranji
Thodi 39Varali
Nandh 65Nandh
Natabhairav 27Sarasangi
Nagavari 28Nagasvaravali
Narayani 28Narayani
Natakuranji 28Natakurinji
Pahadi 29Pahadi
Palasi 29Pushpalathika
Panchama Malkosh 22Pushpalathika
Panchama Malkosh 20Jayanthasree
Parasu 15Parasu
Pasupathipriya 28Durga
Patdeep 22Patdeep
Balamanjari 22Balamanjari
Pahar 22Kanada
Bangala Bhairav 15Kannada Bangala
Basant 15Vasantha
Basant Mukhari 15Vasantha Mukhari
Pativari 28Chaya Tarangini
Pativari 28Sama
Bagesree 22Bagesree
Bagesree 22Sudha Bhairavi
Bagesree Kanada 22Kanada
Brindavani Saranga 22Pushpalathika
Prathapavarali 28Prathabha Varali
Bhipas 15Bhipas
Bhipas 15Bowli
Bhipas 53Purvi Kalyani
Peelu 22Pilu
Bhimplas 29DhBhimplas, Abheri
Pulinthika 28Raga Panchamam
Purya 21Karnataka Deva Gandhari
Purya Dhanasree 53Hamsanandhi
Purya Dhanasree 53Kamavardhini
Purvi Kalyani 53Purvi Kalyani
Purvi 15Purvi
Bhoop 65Mohanam
Bhoop Kalyani 65Mohana Kalyani
Bhairagi Bhairav 2Revathi
Behag 29Behag
Manmatha Sarang 22Madhyamavathi
Madumath Sarang 22Madhyamavathi
Madhuranjani 36Gambiranattai
Madhuranjani 36Nattai
Madhuvanthi 59/td>Dharmavathi
Malarani 60Hamsanadham
Manohari 22Manohari
Marga Behag 65Sudha Kosalam
Malkali 20Malkali
Malkosh 8Hindolam
Manavi 22Manavi
Mand 29Mand
Multani 45Kamakasamantham
Megaranji 15Megaranji
Yaman Kalyan 65Yamuna Kalyani
Ravi Chandrika 28Ravichandrika
Rudrapriya 22Rudrapriya
Lavanthi 29Sudha saveri
Lalith 17Surya lalith
Lalith Panchamam 15Lalitha Panchamam
Lankadhahan Sarang 22Sree
Lankadhahan Sarang 22Kanakavarali
Lankadhahan Sarang 22Sudha velavali
Varati 52Padalambari
Varati 52Hamsanandhi
Vibhavari 2Revathi
Vyjayanthi 59Varatta
Jayit 53Gamashrama
Jayit Kalyani 28Mohanam
Jay Jay vanthi 22Dwijavanthi
Jayanthi 22Jayanthasena
Jeevanpuri 20Jonpuri
Janjooti 28Janjooti
Janjooti 28Navroj
Jogit 15Paadi
Jogiya 15Malahari
Sanch 65Sunada vinodini
Sahana 22Sahana
Saindavi 22Saindavi
Sindhura 22Salaka Bhairavi
Sankara 29Sankara
Sankara Mohan 29Sankara Mohan
Shobavari 20Suthradari
Shrikalyani 65Sarasvathi
Sudha Bipas 65Mohanam
Surya Kauns 23Kamala
Sudha Bilaval 29Sankarabaranam
Sudha Kalyan 29Mohana Kalyani
Sindhu Bhairavi 10Sindhu Bhairavi
Salanga 63Skanda Manorama
Sohini 53Hamsanandhi
Surutti 28Surutti
Hamir Kalyani 65Hamir Kalyani
Hamsadhvani 29Hamsadhvani
Hamsa Kalyani 29
29 Hamsadhvani
65 Kalyani
Hamsa Narayani 51Hamsa Narayani
Hema Kalyani 29Begada
Hemanth 29Hemanth
Hindol 65Sunada vinodini
Sunadha vinodini 28Hindusthan Kapi
Blogger RK said...
Hello Sir, I have very limited knowledge of music. However, I find quite a bit of inconsistencies in this equivalency list. Can you help clarify this?

1) Carnatic Meca Kalyani must be equivalent to Hindustani Yaman. Article mentions Hindustani name as "Kalyani" which I am not sure is usage terms.
2) Hindustani Kalavathi is mentioned as being equivalent to Carnatic Chakravaham. But I thought Carnatic Valachi is a more accurate equivalent.
3)Same raga is mentioned with multiple equivalents (Thodi = Subhapantuvarali, but also = Varali)
4) Puriya Dhanashree is mentioned as being equivalent to Hamsanandhi. In my limited knowledge Hindustani Puriya Dhanashree is equivalent to Carnatic Panthuvarali. And Carnatic Hamsanandhi is equivalent to Hindustani Sohini (I think)

Since lot of people are inspiring knowledge from this blog, I request you to verify the source of this equivalency table.
January 23, 2011 11:31 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Thank you Mr. R.K.

You may be aware that these days most of the source of knowledge we acquire are from Internet, which is easy to take and publish. I have done this, similarly from an Internet source. I will be happy if you quote the references from where you arrived your information, to enrich my knowledge and also of  the readers of this blog, to enable them to understand and assess
January 23, 2011 11:11 PM

Blogger sooriya said...

r/sir, yaman is actually is equal to our mecha kalyani with a very thin & negligible variation;there is no kalyani in hindusthani, but we have carnatised yaman kalyan as yamuna kalyani. then kalavathi is valachi straight. likewise ahirbhairav is chakravaham straightly. and sohni is hamsannandi exactly.thanq
November 24, 2011 9:26 PM