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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Concert - Aruna Sairam - 9th Dec. 07

                          H.N. Bhaskar, J. Vaidyanathan, S. Karthick

  1. Viruththam fwd by Thirupparangundra velaa - Hindholam 
  2. Sri guruguha - Sudhdha saaveri 
  3. Murugaa murugaa - Saaveri 
  4. Aalaapanai - Valachi 
  5. Violin  
  6. Kaarthikeya - Valachi 
  7. Nekkurugi - Aabhogi 
  8. RTP - Aalaapanai - Thodi 
  9. RTP - Violin  
  10. RTP - Thaanam 
  11. RTP - Pallavi  
  12. Thani 
  13. Enadhuyire murugaa - Kalyaani 
  14. Kaandhamaam - Sindhubairavi 
  15. Viruththam fwd by Enna kavi -Neelamani
  16. Question and Answers 
  17. Thiruppugazh  
  18. Mangalam

Funny buildings

When we break our head with East facing, south facing "Vaasthu" etc. see these buildings. These pictures were contributed by reader Ms. S. Sowmya from Bangalore
Crooked house (Soport, Poland)Forest spiral, Hundertwasser building,(Darmstadt, Germany) The torre Galatea figures,(Spain)Ferdinand cheval palace a.k.a ideal palace, (France) The basket buildings,(Ohio, USA)Kansas city Library,(Missouri, USA)Wonder works,(Orlando, Florida, USA)Habitat 67,(Montreal, Canada) Cubic House,(Rotterdam, Netherlands)hang nga guest house a.k.a crazy house (Vietnam)The UFO house( Sanjhih, Taiwan)Nakagin capsule tower( Tokyo, Japan)Erwin wurm house attack( Vienna, Austria)Wooden gagster house( Archangeisk, Russia)Repleys building,(ontario, Canada)