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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Thirukkural - An ancient Tamil lietature of Moral Science Chapter 1

12th January 2008

Couplet 2

The second Thirukkural is as follows:

Katradhanaalaaya payanenkol Vaalarivan
Nattraal thozhaar yenin.

The break up is like this:

Katradhanaal aaya payan yen kol Vaal arivan
Nal thaall thozhaar Yenin/


Learning and scholarship are of no avail if they do not lead
One to worship at the wise one’s divine feet.

Education must make one, think of God. The idea is that the concept of reaching God's feet is the culmination of all birth, which can be achieved only by right learning and appropriate conduct in keeping with such learning. But the end of all learning is universally accepted to lead one to God-head. For, knowledge leads to steadfastness. "The steadfast, having controlled the senses, sits focussed on Me as the supreme" ( Gita 2,61)

In this respect these Kurallines are of import. similar to the Biblical lines, that " Thou shalt love the Lord, thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, with all thy mind and with all thy strength". This is also the natural thing to do, for the Psalmist says, "the human soul thirsts for God like the thirsty land" (Psalms 143:6). This is also what the Holy Koran lays down when it says "We have no knowledge saving what thou hast taught us". ( Chapter 1, Rukoo 3). The right knowledge, therefore, would take one to God. Thus the purpose of all education is categorically laid down here as "the holy one of knowing God and worshipping Him" ( courtesy: Thirukkural by Dr. S.M. Diaz I.P.S. Ph.D.)

The expression "Vaalarivan" refers to God, of "pure intelligemce". Thiruvalluvar would have expressed as "Iraivan" means "God" in this place, but he never mentioned such words, so even non believers of God also read this and understand the important of education and reach the supremacy which is equivalent to God.