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Thursday, October 16, 2008

An appeal to Carnatic Music lovers

Since the music season is fast approaching, these are my feelings and solutions for the same. This is only happening in our country, and mainly in carnatic musical concerts.

Problem No 1: Coming late for the concerts and disturbing the audience as well as the artists.

Remedy: Plan well in advance including the time required for traveling and parking of the vehicles, and be in your seat from the beginning of the concert. This we do in all important occasions in our life. Why not now?

Problem No 2: Moving out in between the programme. Excuse given generally is going to the rest room.

Remedy: Do not consume any liquid including water, half an hour or one hour prior to programme and bring a water bottle to the concert, and consume one or two sips if you feel thirsty.

Problem No 3: Leaving the programme in between.

Remedy : Please avoid this. You can avoid coming, if you have any other priorities . If for any reason, you have to leave the programme due to some unexpected development. please do it after a song is completed.

Problem No 4 : Attending cell phone calls

Remedy: Keep your cell phone in "switch off" mode, not in "vibration" mode which will tempt you to get up and disturbe others. Think what you do when you are in important meetings.

Problem No 5: Discussing about the Raagam or other matters

Remedy : If you find an important point, please note down the same in a piece of paper and discuss the same after reaching home. ( Artists can also prevent this by announcing the raagam. thalam and composer, before beginning the piece, so that the audience do not discuss to find out or claim their knowledge by telling to his neighbour.) Please do not discuss any personal matter during the concert however long after you might have met that person and enquire their welfare. After all if he/she is not well, would not have come to the programme.

Problem No 6: Leaving the moment the "thani" is started

Remedy : I feel this is a great insult we will be doing to the artist and to the art and if you do not like these instruments which are playing very important role in our concerts, why do you come?

Problem No 7 : Leaving the auditorium the moment "Mangalam" is started

Remedy : Please wait in your seat until the mangalam is completed. After all another two minutes will not deprive you anything great in your life.

Problem No 8 : Singing along with the artist

Remedy : Please avoid this, however tempting it may be. After all, your neighbour has not come to hear you, all the way. Try to realise how terribly, this is upsetting others and do not invite irritated look from them

I wish the artists also say these things before the beginning of the concert, and educate the people, which is their duty to get some some respect for the art and for themselves in return. Why not the artists insist on organisers to insist on putting the lights off, except the stage, once the programme starts. It will also help them to concentrate in immersing themselves in music without the disturbance from audience.

This is being done in Hindusthani concerts even by the same organisers and it is also their duty to educate the audience. The organisation office bearers should not walk up and down to receive the VIPs who generally come late and avoid late comers.

I have seen the gates were closed, the moment the concert started in "the Hindu - Friday" concerts which is being conducted regularly every year.

During music season, the programmes are organised without much time to rasikas to have their tiffin, lunch or coffee. (Even, well conducted Music Academy is also not an exception to this.) This is forcing the people to move around even after the concert is started.