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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Concert - Madurai Somasundaram

  1. Kalyanadahini 
  2. Panchamathangamuga - Kalyanadahini 
  3. Siva siva - Panthuvarali  
  4. Naattakurinji  
  5. Sri Aanjaneyam - Naattakurinji 
  6. Marukelaraa - Jayanthasri
  7. Bhavani  
  8. Parvatha Raajakumari - Bhavani 
  9. Evarani - Dhevamrithavarshini 
  10. Raagasudha rasa - Andholika 
  11. Sankarabaranam  
  12. Putra swamiki - Sankarabaranam 
  13. O Raama - Poorvikalyani 
  14. Ataanaa  
  15. Raama naamam - Ataanaa 
  16. Thodi 
  17. Thaaye yasoda with Swararaagamalika - Thodi
  18. Enna kavi - Neelamani 
  19. Paadaadha paattu illai 
  20. Ninaikkaadha neramillai - Bhaageshri 
  21. Madurai arasi - Raagamalika 
  22. - Viruththam  
  23. Bhaja bhaja manasam 
  24. Krishna nee begane - Yamankalyani 
  25. Naadhabindu - Chenchurutti 
  26. Naaraayana naarayanaa  
  27. Vandhmaadharam 
  28. Mangalam

My diary - 15th December 2009

I was away from Chennai, and had no time to post in the blog. Though, I have come back, I may be busy attending the concerts now and so I may not be regular in posting during this period.

I have added few songs of Brindavana Saaranga under the label "Carnatic music raagas - Brindavani and Brindhavana Saranga"

Most of the files which were under "Rapidshare" and got removed are posted under "mediafire" and some more will be done in near future. Readers are requested to search for the same under the same label. For example I am getting inquiries about the missing files of T.N. Seshagopalan which were originally posted under "Rapidshare". They are all available fresh under the same name in "Mediafire".