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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Concert - Mambalam sisters - 18th Dec 08

Kandadevi S. Vijayaraghavan - Violin: Nellai A. Balaji - Mridangam

  1. Gajaananayudham - Vegavauhini
  2. Teliyaleru raama - Dhenuka
  3. Dhaththaathreya - Ranjani
  4. Ongi ulagalandha - Aarabhi
  5. Paarvathi ninnu - Kalgadaa
  6. Saaveri - Aalaapanai
  7. Saaveri - Violin
  8. Raamabhaana - Saaveri
  9. Thani
  10. RTP - Raagam - Vaachaspathi
  11. RTP - Thaanam
  12. RTP - Pallavi
  13. Nenjukku needhiyum
  14. Paavanagaaya Raaghavendraa

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Dear Sir,

I have downloaded almost every (musical) files that u have uploaded. Its really a great work..

Thanks for everything

I have also downloaded some discourses on Mahabaratham, Ramayanam, etc., I have attached a pdf file that containing the links to download. The credit goes to original uploader.

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