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Monday, June 1, 2009

How to be fit and healthy ?

Many of the health and weight problems that people face today are related to a lack of physical activity. Although we are "on the run" during the day. we are sedentary as we drive, work, watch TV and use the computer. On top of that, modern technology gives us time saving shortcuts shortcuts (like dishwashers, car wahers, escalators and remote controls) that encourages us do even less. Whether you exercise or not, everyone should try to increase their activity time each day. Here are 30 daily tips that will help you achieve an active lifestyle, and all the benefits that come with it.

1. Be your own dishwasher. Washing a few dishes by hand keeps you on your feet and active.
You'll burn calories, save water and electricity, and haveclean dishes in a matter of minutes.

2. Park further away. You'll add extra steps to your day and save time by walking briskly (and not waiting for a closer spot). In a shopping center, park once and walk to and from you car between stores.

3. Drive away from the drive-thru. Whether you're at the bank, pharmacy, or fastfood joint, you already spend enough time in your car. Park and run inside to complete your errands instead of
waiting in the line of cars.

4. Hide the remote. Remember the days before remotes controlled TVs, radios, garage doors, and even windows? Pretend they haven't been invented and use your own muscles to do the work.

5. Wear a pedometer. This handy tool counts your steps and motivates you to get active. Aim for atleast 10,000 steps daily (that's about 5 miles)--the activity level recommended for good health.

6. Follow a recipe. Cooking more meals at home keeps you on your feet and burns more calories than picking up the phone to order takeout. Plus, homemade food is usually healthier.

7. Make time for morning fitness. Spend just 5-10 minutes doing pushups, lunges, jumping jacks and stretches before you shower. You'll strengthen your muscles and feel more energized each morning.

8. Carry more weight. At the store, use baskets and a little muscle, instead of the assistance of a shopping cart. Carry your own bags and unload the car yourself to build strength and independence.

9. Take the stairs. Skip the elevators, escalators and other "people movers" and move your own body. You'll burn calories and avoid lines in airports, malls, and offices.

10. Plan an active vacation. Schedule a trip around activities that you can't do anywhere else--whitewater rafting, mounting climbing, scuba diving, walking tours, canoeing and more.

11. Cultivate a garden. Planting, watering, pruning and caring for a garden relieves stress, beautifies your home, and increases your daily activity.

12. Walk this way. Take an evening walk with your family each night.
Use this quality time to chat, catch up, and grow closer as you burn calories and improve your fitness levels.

13 Act like a kid. Who says you have to be young to play? Find a sport or other activity and join a league or class. When it's fun, it doesn't seem like exercise. Schedule a little playtime each day, just for you.

14. Tune-in to your body. When watching TV, think of other activities you can do instead of lounging, such as marching in place or riding your exercise bike. Try a few pushups, crunches and squats during the commercial breaks too.

15. Do it yourself. Hiring painters, housekeepers, and other laborers may save time, but doing
repairs and maintenance yourself saves money, increases activity, and instills a sense of pride.

16. Shake it! Create a playlist of songs that you just can't sit still to, and let loose!
Dancing is a great way to get fit—even if you're just grooving in the privacy of your own

17. Dress for comfort. When you're comfortable, you're more likely to walk further and stay
active than if you're wearing stuffy clothes or painful shoes. Go casual at work (whenever possible) and on your own time.

18. Ride your bicycle.
Forty percent of trips made by car are less than two miles. Conserve resources and get a workout by combining errands with exercise. Bike to the post office, drug store, or office whenever possible.

19. Work out at your desk. Being deskbound doesn't mean you have to sit still. Experiment with some office appropriate exercises, including stretches, wall pushups, chair dips and

20. Hand-deliver messages. Instead of emailing your co-worker or neighbor, walk down the hall (or street) and talk in person. This active way of communicating also helps build relationships.

21. Walk the dog. Fences and doggy doors let Fido outside without supervision, but you
could both use more exercise. Schedule a morning and evening walk and get healthy

22. Overhaul date night. The cliché dinner-and-a-movie gets old. Next time, try bowling, miniature golf, ice skating, hiking, dancing, or other fun activities that keep you on your feet.

23. Pace yourself. When on the phone, for example, get up and get moving around your home or
office instead of sitting still. Talk about multitasking!

24. Wash your car by hand. Get the whole family involved with spraying, scrubbing, rinsing,
drying and waxing. You'll save money, use a little elbow grease, and get some vitamin D
(from the sun) to boot!

25. Wear your baby. It's easier to push a stroller, but using a sling or baby carrier will help you
build more muscle and burn more calories than walking alone. Today's styles are hands-free,
allowing you to multitask

26. Choose the long route. Instead of making a beeline to your destination in the mall, office, or grocery store, take the long way. Those extra steps will add up over the course of each day.

27. Play with your kids. Games like tag, hide-and-seek, and red rover will really get your heart pumping! You can also involve your pet in chasing, fetching and running games.

28. Hang-dry your laundry. It might take a little longer, but bending, reaching, pinning and
later folding your laundry by hand adds some much-needed activity to your day while conserving electricity

29 .Work in the yard. Rake, mow, plant, and fertilize your lawn without labor-saving devices like leaf blowers or riding mowers. Enjoy the slow pace, quiet scenery and clean air that manual yard work offers.

30. Move and shake! Be as active as you can each day. Dance to the car radio, fidget at your
desk, and get up as often as you can. By using these tips, you'll become fitter, healthier and slimmer!

coutesy : Sparkpeople

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