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Thursday, October 27, 2011

First Hindu Glass temple

Worlds' 1st Hindu Glass Temple in Johor Bahru, Malaysia...
Impressive Hindu Temple fully covered by glasswork,
in a class by itself - one of a kind!

View from Outside

Vishnu seated on Garud

Shri Ganesh and also showing Jivan-Chakra on top

Kamalasan Brahmaji
Dhyanasth Shiv on Vyghambar (Tiger Skin)

Jivan Chakra (Life Cycle)
Conch - Shankh

Ganeshji playing Dandiya Raas

Thank Mr. Shankarnarayana Balakirishnan

Anonymous Anonymous said...

temple architecture is being dragged to dirt nowadays. Old ones are so beautiful. ones like these have no meaning / effect. some nut of an artist.There is a rama temple near my home where the fools changed the tile roof of entrance to metal sheet ! There is a Hanuman temple here in a military camp which is ok by itself with the open sky above. the nuts are going to cover the whole of the temple in metal sheet! 99% people in India are twits.
November 2, 2011 1:13 PM

Vidhya Bhushan

  1. Muraharan nagadhara - Simhendra madhyamam