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Friday, July 8, 2011

Concert - Mysore Nagaraj and Manjunath

  1. Varnam - Sarasooda - Saaveri 
  2. Shree varalakshmi - Shri  
  3. Meru samaana - Maayamaalavagowla 
  4. Maamavasada varade - Nattaikurinji 
  5. Raghunatha nannu - Swararanjani 
  6. Vandhanamu - Sahaanaa  
  7. Manasuloni - Hindholam  
  8. Eathaavunaara - Kalyaani  
  9. Govardhana Giridhara - Durbaari kaananda 
  10. Krishna nee - Yamankalyaani  
  11. Thilaana - Hamsanandhi  
  12. Mangalam
...that you cannot tailor make your situation in life, but you
can tailor make your attitudes to fit those situations.

How you shape your attitude is not
a small part of how you shape your is the only part.

Hands off the treasures that belong to Lord Vishnu
The news has been splashed from Auckland to Alaska. The temples of India contain several billion dollars worth of treasures. The opening of the vaults in the Sri Padnamanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, according to a court order comes at a dangerous time for our polity.
The mainstream media continues to sensationalize the size of the treasure. One of them gushes that “treasures tumble out of the temple” — as though this is illegal money stashed in the Cayman Islands. Let’s be clear: these treasures were donated by the temple’s devotees over centuries, and rightfully belong to Lord Vishnu, who cannot even be fully seen from any angle by devotees. He  is the true owner of this wealth and this truth should be internalized.
It is unfortunate that this discovery should take place in Kerala, where the percentage of idol-worshippers is a minority – if one excluded Muslims, Christians and Marxists from the fold. The mere act of opening up the vaults and tunnels is thus fraught with significant dangers for Hindu society and our ancient civilization.
The present times are most inappropriate to try to list the billions of rupees worth of diamonds and rubies and sapphires owned by our temples. We all know that a significant portion of our politicians have a criminal background and even parts of the judiciary are corrupt. The bureaucracy is compromised by a saga of loot and plunder.
In this context, where government finances are completely out of alignment with revenue realities, the temptation will be to use these invaluable treasures to fulfill the insatiable personal and political greed of our politicians to fund populist schemes like “food security” for all with resources belonging to Lord Vishnu. Already more than 80% of the incomes of major temples is used for “secular” causes rather than for “sacred” purposes.
The opening of the vaults in the Sri Padnamanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, according to a court order comes at a dangerous time for our polity. 
It is not improbable that some jholawala economist will calculate — by dividing his mobile number with the pin code — that more than 70% of the people below poverty line can be lifted out of poverty if only this money is available to the government. The unaccountable civil society group under Sonia Gandhi – also called the National Advisory Council —  might formulate a bill (since they are the law framers in the present dispensation) to open up all vaults from the Amarnath to Ayappa temples and from Somnath to Kamakhya.
There will be half-baked debates about using it for “social justice”. The only people who can have some say on this wealth are those who visit the temple on a daily basis and who can chant, in this case, the Vishnu Sahasranamam. I am not even sure if those who are counting these treasures are eligible to deal with the “sacred” on the orders of the “secular”. One can say that this is the last battle waged by Nehruvian secularists against the ‘sacred” even though, in this particular case, it might appear to be a simple case of counting.
Actually counting, enumerating and documenting are secular ways of dealing with sacred treasures in our temples, since the sacred is never documented but just observed and meditated upon.
Some imported white or brown non-resident Indian expert will suggest a way of leveraging these billions and even propose investing a part of it in our stock markets to propel second generation reforms.
Wall Street bankers, with colorful ties and multiple lies, should be tremendously interested. The wealth seen in temples becomes a target for jehadi terrorists and Wall Street bankers – who are no different except for the kind of killing they go for. The memories of the plunder of Somnath are embedded in the brain cells of every citizen of this country.
Let us be clear. The town and the temple are already marked by global terrorists. The Kerala home minister says he will increase the number of pot-bellied constables to protect the treasures, as if the global jehadis can be handled by them.
Quite clearly, this is the most inappropriate time to be listing the Lord’s wealth. When a street is full of thugs and dacoits, no woman would venture out wearing her jewels and finery. One wonders why the courts have got into this, when they should have been focusing on the Hasan Alis, Rajas and Kalmadis of the world.
It is puzzling why the acharya sabhas or Hindu organisations are silent on this issue. They may not have understood the full import of what is happening.
For the sake of Dharma and for God’s sake, our courts and powers should stop digging for treasures in our temples.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sor, if available please put some ragavendra tamil devotional songs
July 9, 2011 6:48 AM
Blogger BHASKARAN19 said...
Super well written. Yes we are need to worry in the current dangerous time for our polity. Electronic media has become pain now a days. All sorts rumours floating now in the media saying -similar treasure could be in Thiruvur, Srirangam, Thiruvannamali,etc.etc. which will lead to the corrupt politicans to swindle and run a way with it
July 9, 2011 6:53 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Dear Sir Sri Vaithinathan Hariharan How many Kings, benevolent rich people might have contributed for a long period, even centuries, to the temples for their love and faith in God. Nobody should make a claim on their riches. It is nothing but robbery. For that matter great saints of Saiva, Vaishnava and Madhva expressed their love and bhakti through their songs and they never wrote them thnking there will be many who will recite them and give meaning to thier liking. It is pure for their joy and their closeness to God made them great composers or writers. Puranas, Naalayiram, Thiruvarutpa, Thiruppugaz are to be seen only in that angle and anyone who happen to read them must keep himself or herself in their position and visualise the omnipotent and omnipresence in the same way they visualised. They did not present their works thinking that there will be people in the 21st Century to read their works, in fact for mundane reading. This we fail to understand. In the same way nobody has any right to make a claim on the rich contributions of those who were so large hearted and were having full bhakti and made ornaments to God to beautify the God as they wished and with tears in eyes enjoyed the fully clad God. The very idea that the ornaments are to be utilised for social purpose is nasty. If you have, you give it and do not try to take away from the contributions of emancipated and pure hearted souls. With warm regards ravi
July 9, 2011 9:05 AM
Blogger Varadarajan.R said...
Perumaal southu perumaalukke. these are scary times indeed. people do not realize the enormity of the situation. i also heard talks about looking for gold in TN temples.
July 9, 2011 2:09 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
What about the treasure trove in Swiss banks. The Government and looters are conveniently silent and turning a Nelson,s eye to this subject while they want to lay their hands on the God's wealth. People who know only to take and not to give must shut their .... and keep quite. Earlier rulers and kings gave to the temple and were keeping the praja happy. Now the rulers are plundering the wealth of the nation and surreptetiously depositing elsewhere. And Malayasian Axis proves it.
July 10, 2011 11:46 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
It shows that till date nobody has appropriated that wealth. Now the rulers .... what they want to do?
July 10, 2011 12:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strangely I saw some posters in Chennai claiming the wealth to T.N. as it was the property of rulers of earlier Rajas. Strange enough?
August 9, 2011 8:52 PM

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