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Thursday, August 11, 2011


There are three types of Devakriya. The first type is nishadantya janya raga derive from the 20th mela Natabhairavi. The notes taken by this raga are Sa, Chatusruti Ri, Sadharana Ga, Sudha Ma, Pa , Sudh Dha , Kaishiki Ni. The second variety is an upanga raga derived from the 22nd mela kharaharapriya. Arohana and avarohana of this type is s g r m p n d s; s n d p m g r g s . This belongs to the ubhaya vakra group. In this Chatusruti Dha is used. According to Muthuswamy Dikshitar Sudha Saveri is named Devakriya. This is derived from the 29th mela Dhirasankarabharanam.

  1. Natimarchathi - Abhishek Raghuram 
  2. Sri Guruguha - O.S. Arun 
  3. Sri guruguha - Ranjani gayathri 
  4. Sri guruguha - Aruna Sairam 
  5. Sri guruguha - D.K. Pattammaal 
  6. Vaduganatha - Sudha Raghunathan

Concert No 94 - G.S. Mani (1988)

The above mentioned concert, by mistake did not have the full version of  the concert consisting 16 items. I have now added the missing items of the concert and made it full. Readers who are interested, to go back to this concert and download the missing songs also and enjoy the full concert.

I am sorry for the error, as I just located the full version from my library.

Sri Maha Lakshmi 108 Ashtotharam

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