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Saturday, July 31, 2010

An Indian helps millions find their way accurately

If you are one of the millions of global positioning system device owners across the world, you may want to thank Indian-born inventor, Sanjai Kohli, for having made this a possibility.

Consider this. Till around 15 years back, no one gave much thought to having GPS devices in towns and cities. GPS was also the prerogative of the military force. In 1978, based on a total of 24 specially-designed Navstar satellites (each weighing over 800 kg) that orbit the Earth at 12-hour intervals, the US military laid the foundation of GPS.

Each satellite broadcasts a constant radio signal back to earth, and a GPS receiver device reads and compares the signals from three satellites to establish its own longitude, latitude and altitude.

However, at least three or four satellites had to be in range, and if even one satellite signal was blocked, the GPS would not function. Tall buildings, poles and trees in cities and towns posed a major hurdle to a clear line of sight.

It was Kohli and his partner Steven Chen who found a solution to this problem that paved the way for GPS becoming a mainstream product. After completing his engineering training at the Indian Institute for Technology, Bombay and later at Washington University in St Louis, Kohli founded SiRF Technologies in 1995. It's here that he and Chen developed powerful and inexpensive GPS chips.
"We combined information from satellites with secondary sources such as external sensors, databases and maps," says Kohli, who is the son of F C Kohli - popularly known as 'Father of the Indian software industry'.

"Till 15 years back, GPS was primarily used by the military and in planes and ships. We (Chen and Kohli) felt it could also be used by consumers in cities," explains Kohli.
Along with Chen, he used the concept of massively parallel signal processing (similar to parallel processing which is the ability to carry out multiple operations or tasks simultaneously). They created "a sort of virtual signal process" whereby the signal processing power was increased by a factor of 1,000.

This new approach would enable weak GPS signals to be found within milliseconds and consequently paved the way for the use of handheld GPS navigators in urban spaces.
The new GPS system could also leverage alternative sources when satellite signals were down. This meant that the system could remain in operation even with only one satellite in range. All the complexity of the technology was captured in a single chip, making it cheaper and possible to insert in portable devices.

The chips were also much less expensive to produce. A GPS device, which would cost a few thousand dollars and yet not be operable in cities, could now be purchased for $100, and used anywhere.
The move was significant since sales, till then, were held back by the high price tags. Producing GPS computer chips was expensive, and they also had performance issues. It was not until 2002 - the year Kohli and Chen's invention was released - that the consumer GPS market really took off.
The chipsets took the market by storm, recalls Kohli. While there are over 400 million GPS devices in cars and mobile devices worldwide, GPS-enabled mobile phones comprise the fastest-growing segment, moving over 77 million units in 2009.

According to the 'World GPS Market Forecast to 2013' from RNCOS, the GPS market is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 20 per cent to cross $75 Billion by 2013. In February 2009, SiRF was purchased by UK wireless chip company CSR for $136 million.

Fifteen years after he co-founded SirF, the European Patent Office, along with the European Commission, has recognised his efforts and named Kohli (along with Chen) a 2010 Inventor of the Year for "his work on developing powerful chipsets that increase the speed and precision of GPS navigation systems used commercially in cars, planes, ships and mobile phones".

The annual award (in its fifth year) is given to individuals and teams whose ideas and innovations have not only made a tremendous impact on shaping the larger modern world, but have also contributed significantly to Europe's economic growth and competitiveness.

Kohli and his co-inventor Steven Chen were among a total of 12 nominees and only three in the 'Non-European Countries' category chosen by a high-profile international jury of entrepreneurs, managers, scientists, researchers, investors and journalists.

Previous winners include Adolf Goetzberger, the father of solar-power generation (2009); AIDS researcher Erik De Clercq (2008); Peter Grunberg, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2006); and Federico Faggin, inventor of the microprocessor (2006).

"I was initially surprised but am honoured to be recognised among such an elite group of innovators," says Kohli who has mostly been an entrepreneur. After he brought in a professional CEO and the management team was in place at SirF, he founded a wireless communication company, WirelessHome, in 1999, and then a mobile video company, TrueSpan, in 2004. Kohli was also part of two private equity (PE) funds.

The itch to invent, however, has not abandoned him. "I spent almost a year looking at the solar space. It has become a commodity market and is being run by China. I have formed a team to work on increasing the power yield from a single solar panel. We are working on increasing the yield by 25 per cent. This means you can have much more energy generation and yet use the same space for solar panels as before. It will be of immense help in crowded countries," says Kohli.

He is also talking to Indian telcos on how to create what he terms as "virtual bandwidth". How will he go about it? "Now that's what I want to get a patent for," he concludes with a grin.

Courtesy: Business standard

Friday, July 30, 2010

An autobiography of a middle class man - 14
Kalaignar in 1970
Of late, Tamilnadu Chief Minister Mr. Karunanidhi's craze for publicity, is being discussed elaborately. in the media. People of all walks, except his "fans" feel sick of this attitude of shamelessly accepting accolades from everybody who speak in front of him and Psychologists even coined words for this phobia.

This reminds me of one of my experiences in this connection which I feel like sharing with you all. In the beginning of 1971, I accidentally became one of the founder secretary of a cultural organisation called "Apsaras" . In other words, it was a "Sabha" which was giving monthly three progrmmes to its members. It was a glorious period for Sabhas at Madras, and each one of them were competing with each other in giving the best performances in a month. All the programmes were conducted at Music academy and we had about 1500 permanent members. Our membership was going on premium and people were kept in wait list to get filled, if a member goes out of station. All the members were allotted permanent seats with numbers and if a seat becomes vacant on account of a member leaving the station, and if that seat was in the centre of the hall, people were prepared to give more money for that.

Within a short span of time "Apsaras" became the leading Sabha in the city, and it became a prestige for anybody to claim that he/she is a member of "Apsaras". Even the artist of various drama troupes and from cine field were eager to perform in our Sabha, and we were getting the dramas as second or third to be staged after they were inaugurated at Mylapore Fine arts Club, which had Mr. Rajagopal as secretary. On those days all the drama troupes from M/s. Manohar, K.Balachandar. Cho, Y.G P, Major Sundarrajan, Seshadri, Poornam Viswanathan and every body were inaugurating their dramas sentimentally at Mylapore Fine arts Club, because Mr. Rajagopal was the secretary. We used to get either second or third show, depending upon the availability of our date.

Apsaras was popular more because, we were giving innovative programmes to our members, apart from dramas and so all the cine artists were also interested in any programme we were organising. Many ministers, and politicians were regularly attending our programmes, which were novel and "something for the first time type." in the city.
Me introducing Vani Jairam
It was during this period the Hindi film " Guddi" was released and the song "Bol re pappi hara" was a big hit. The artist Ms. Vani Jayaram who rendered this song, happened to be sister in law of our Treasurer Mr. M.S. L. Narasimhan and so we jumped into the idea of presenting her and singing in Madras for the "first time". We knew the programme will be a big hit and we wanted to make that a big hit commercially also and so we organised for two days continuously: one day for our members and the other day for outsiders. The moment, we announced the programme, the response was so good; we decided to cash on the programme and get a big name for our organisation. We printed posters,designed by the then famous artist Bharani in 40x30 sizes and pasted them all over Madras City. I think this poster also got appreciation from Kumudam, the then very famous tamil weekly with a title " Indha vaara sirandha poster" (this week's best poster), which they started publishing every week, after we came with novel posters created by Bharani for all our programmes.
Ms. Vani Jairam honouring Bharani

Mr. Rajesh Khanna, the cine actor from Bombay who happened to be at Madras just 10 days before the programme and went back to Bombay and told Vani Jairam " Vaniji, the entire Madras city walls are with your posters from the Airport and wherever I went, I saw your face".

Observing the overwhelming response, we wanted to boost the image of our Sabha, by inviting Mr. Karunanidhi, who was the Chief minister then also, to preside over the function. Mr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy who was our President, who was also close to Kalaignar, talked to him and convinced him to preside over the function. Mr. Karunanidhi readily accepted to preside over "a function which is organised to felicitate a Tamil lady who took Bombay by storm and made Bombay to go mad with her fantastic voice."

Since the publicity for the programme started a fortnight before, we released two posters. one fifteen days before the programme and the second in 30 x 20 size, just before five days of the programme with added information that the Chief Minister will preside over the function. In our enthusiam and in anticipation of the success of the programme, we forgot one most important thing, specifically, because it did not strike to us.

On the early morning of the previous day of the programme, I received a call from Mr. M.A. M. Ramaswamy. "Hari ! What is this blunder you have done?" His tone was very annoyed and angry. I was surprised at his call at that early hour with such hurt and  asked him "What happened sir?" I also became nervous that something has gone wrong  and the whole programme is going to be affected.

He said, "There is no photo of Kalaignar in the posters pasted all over the city and only Ms. Vani Jairam's photo is there. Kalaignar is very upset and he refuses to come to the programme tomorrow."  I became terribly nervous, and my legs started shivering and I could not stand. I fumbled, " Oh ! I am terribly sorry. It did not strike to me. What can I do now sir?"

" I do not know what you will do ! By tonight posters with his photo should be pasted in the important points of the city."

"Oh ! I should design the posters and print it before 2.00 P.M and pay the fees in the corporation and get their seals on the posters. It is very difficult sir."

 " I do not know all these things. Do it immediately !" he banged the phone.

Artist Bharani who designs the posters, works through out the nights and goes to bed only after  4.00 A.M. He will never get up before 12.30 P.M. And he will never work on pressure. He does not care for any body, however big they are in cine field.  He used to dictate terms even to Mr. M.G.R. about the designs he make in the poster and once when he designed a long poster with matters on the top and in the bottom with vacant space in between, M.G.R asked him what should be done in the blank space. Bharani simply retorted " You lie down there !". Since M.G.R knows Bharani's talent and as he was indispensable in the field of designing, simply smiled and went away.

I rushed to Bharani's place, and he was in sound sleep. To wake him up is an ordeal and stupendous task, since he would have consumed six to ten bottles of beer the previous night. Any amount of shaking and calling "Bharani, Bharani" did not yield any result and there was not even a slightest movement. I was also afraid, if he gets irritated, it will be very difficult to make him work. Even though he was our best friend, he was a true artist. Nothing can force him. I was in my thirties then, and was about to break down. With great difficulty, whether Bharani opened his eyes or not, I told him the predicament I am in and in a broken voice told him that the future of Apsaras and mine is in danger. There was no movement from him. I was sitting by his side in the cot and go on repeating the same matter again and again. Nearly after two hours, he got up and that gave some relief to me. Still making him to work, was not in my hand. Bharani can never work, if you pressurise him, nor he will accept any suggestion. You will have to simply tell him the matter for design, and sit with him talking all the other subjects in the world, until he finishes the design on his own sweet time.

To be short, I got the design by 11.00 and rushed to the press, simultaneously instructing the poster pasting man to go to Corporation and pay the fees, and moving with every staff of the Litho press and got the posters printed. With all my tension and anxiety, I printed the poster in 12 x 10 size, and proceeded on my other works. On the night I saw the posters pasted every where, and got more than 100 posters pasted in Gopalapuram alone.

Next day morning I went to Chettinad palace proudly announced to Mr. M.A. M. Ramaswamy about successful execution of my job. He patted me and said "good" with a smile. Evening, we were waiting at the entrance of Music Academy, to receive the Chief Minister. As the clock was ticking, no sign of C.M and even the police were only usual without extra strength. As the programme was scheduled to start at 6.30. and seeing my anxiety, my President came near me, and put his hand around my shoulder, and said, " Hari ! you go inside and start the programme. C. M. will not come."
Me and Mr. M.A.M Ramaswamy waiting at the entrance of Music academy for C.M. The poster designed by Bharani is in the background

I looked at his face with a shock and said "Why? I did the job and got the posters pasted everywhere?"

Mr. M.A. M. Ramaswamy smiled and softly said, " but, the size of the poster was small !!!!!"

It is another story that the same Chief Minister came to  another programme of Apsaras, without a poster with his name, and spent three hours with us, which I will narrate later.

Blogger Hemalatha said...
Dear Sir, Looking forward to the other story when MK came to the other programme of Apsaras without a poster ! Thanks and Regards
December 7, 2010 8:50 PM

Blogger vaishnavi said...

sir,Eagerly waiting to read the other incident ....

May 10, 2011 9:36 PM

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Balamuralikrishna on traditionalists in Carnatic Music

If you have not seen this, Please see this now.

Blogger Music for life said...
wha!! rightly said....pranams to the great soul
October 6, 2010 12:03 AM

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Concert - Gayathri Venkatraghavan

Download Concert GV 29.11.07 01 Varnam -Sarasi jana.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 02 Vidalukku.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 03 Aalaapanai & Violin.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 04 Marivere gadhi.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 05 Viruththam & Violin.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 06 Kanden kali theera.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 07 Mahalakshmi.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 08 Sri Janaka.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 09 Aalaapanai.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 10 Violin.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 11 Kaapaali.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 12 Thani.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 13 ..Prabho......mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 14 Varuvaaro.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 15 Poonguyil koovum.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 16 Thillaanaa.mp3
Download Concert GV 29.11.07 17 Mangalam.mp3

Absolute "No - No" in front of kids

Our children are our biggest imitators. And very often they emulate the practices they see in their parents. So parents must be careful of what they do and say in front of their li’l ones.

Tara Sharma, a home maker recalls her mistake, “Once when I was experiencing a fit of anger I slapped the maid in our house over breaking our expensive cutlery set in front of my two-year-old. Little did I realize that I was setting the stage for my child's subsequent bad behaviour. What followed subsequently took me by surprise. My son started repeating my act. He was actually mimicking me and I was ashamed of the way I had behaved.”

Child psychologist Dr Manish Chopra points out, “Kids who are exposed to aggression in their homes are very likely to exhibit the same kind of violent behaviour at an early age.”

Children inculcate certain habits and behavioural traits from their parents and their surrounding environment. So, it's quintessential that you keep your child away from practices and influences that can affect their physical and mental growth in the future. We explore what are those ‘no-no’ moves:

1. Fighting and arguing
Sonia Bhasin, a Bangalore-based home maker says, “Since my husband is the sole earner in our family, money has always been in short supply. And this often leads to disagreements which turn ugly and result in violent fights with my husband. My teenager son, who has grown up seeing the two us fighting, has consequently become ill tempered over the years. He usually keeps it to himself, but when he gets agitated, he erupts like a volcano”
A recent report carried out by researchers at the University of Washington and the University of Indiana revealed that most children who witness domestic violence become bullies themselves.
Parenting Tip: “When parents fight, scream or insult each other, children who are witness become aggressive, anxious and withdrawn. How you two handle disagreements in your relationship will directly impact how your kids learn to equip theirs, once they grow up,” says Dr Chopra.

2. Getting cosy.
“My husband is very romantic and sometimes he gets very intimate with me in front of our 10-year old son. I have observed that our son notices our intimate acts and behaves in an unusual way. I have asked my husband to keep a restrain," shares Neha, a school teacher.

Experts suggest that a clear line be drawn between sexual and affectionate behaviour. While the former is harmful, the latter is beneficial. As a parent it’s your duty to strike a balance and behave responsibly in front of your kid.
Parenting Tip: Child psychologist, Dr Chopra states, “Certain gestures like hugging, holding hands, placing your head on your partner's shoulder are positive signs that the parents share a healthy relationship. But sexual display of love between a couple often acts like sexual abuse in the child’s tender mind. The damages done can be grave and the natural growth of the child can get tampered."

3. Cursing/swearing
Rajesh Pandey, a journalist says, “We often hear our next door neighbour abusing his wife. Me and my wife were worried how it was likely to impact their children. Our fear came true as one day we heard his son, who was in college, cursing his mother in a similar way”.
How many times have you dropped the F-bomb in front of your children? Swear words are not always easy to evade, especially if you are used to saying them in your daily vocabulary.
Parenting Tip: Dr Chopra warns against the use of swear words in front of kids. “If you use profanities in front of your children, they will think that it's acceptable to use such words.”

4. Watching violence and nudity on screen
Pratima Ishpunani, an interior designer opines, “We make it a point to drop our two kids at my parents’ place, when we go out every weekend for a movie. We feel that they are too young to handle violence and nudity that is shown in most of the movies today. However, we do take them out to amusement parks, museums and zoological park to make it up for lost time."
Modern age children are exposed to the TV/Internet at a very early age, so it is imperative to ensure that they do not watch violent and vulgar shows as they has a lasting impact on their mind.
Parenting Tip: “There have been many incidents reported in the media where children have hurt themselves copying daring stunts shown in ads, particularly those which exhibit motorbikes stunts. There is always a potential risk of your child becoming aggressive if they watch too much of violence on the TV, while sleazy and vulgar scenes can make them inquisitive and confused. So, it is important to hold back kids from such exposure till the child reaches an age where he/she can differentiate between what is wrong and what is right,” adds Dr Chopra.

5. Drinking/Smoking
“The other day my fourteen-year-old son returned late from his friend’s birthday party. I was shocked to see him in an inebriated state. When I questioned him he bluntly snubbed me by reminding me of my drinking habits,” says Pranjal Joshi, a businessman. Parenting Tip: Relationship expert, Mahima Mathur points out, “If parents themselves engage in drinking or smoking in front of their children, they lose the moral right to stop their kids from indulging in the same, once they grow up. Besides, it’s a known fact that passive smoking can affect children’s respiratory system. So, if you want that your child does not imbibe these bad habits, then try to be an ideal role model by becoming a teetotaler or at least do not drink/smoke in front of them."

6. Lying
“To decline unwanted calls, I have often made up several excuses and have relayed them through my 11-year-old daughter. Lately I have observed that she cooks up some story to hide her misdoings,” said Trideep, a radio artiste.
“Parents often find themselves lying to their children to avoid confrontation, explanations and tears. Most parents lie to keep inquisitive and difficult questions at bay which they find tricky to handle or answer. Since children rely on adults to explain the world to them, it is not recommended that parents present a different picture to them from what actually is,” suggests relationship expert, Mahima Mathur.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Do you believe it?

Yosemite National Park, California , USA
This park was gazetted as a national park in 1890. It is world famous for its rugged terrain, waterfall and century-old pine trees. It covers 1200 sq km and the "fire" waterfall of El Capitan is one of the most spectacular of all scenery.
The spectacular view of the waterfall is created by the reflection of sunlight hitting the falling water at a specific angle. This rare sight can only be seen at  a 2-week period towards the end of Feburary. To photograph this rare event, photographers would often have to wait and endure years of patience in order to capture them. The reason is because its appearance depend on a few natural phenomenons occuring at the same time and luck.
1st, Is the formation of the waterfall - The water is formed by the melting of snow and ice at the top of the mountain. It melts between the month of December and January and by the end of February there might not have much snow left to melt.
2nd, is the specific angle of the sunray hitting the falling water - The sun's position must be exactly at a particular spot in the sky. This occur only in the month of February and at the short hours of dusk. If it is a day full of clouds or something blocking the sun, you can only take pictures of your own sorry faces on the waterfall. It coincides with the fact that the weather in the National Park at that time of the year is often volatile and unpredictable. It compounds to the difficulty of getting these pictures.
Someone did !!! And we all get to see it !!!

Origins:   These hauntingly beautiful images of a "fire waterfall" in California's Yosemite National Park appear to be photographs of two similar but distinctly different phenomena, one natural and one man-made.

In the former case, the effect is a natural one ("Nature's Firefall") which some photographers have managed to capture spectacular images of by snapping photos of Yosemite's Horsetail Fall at just the right time of day, under just the right conditions, at a particular time of year:
During the winter in Yosemite, coming off of El Capitan, there is an almost non-existent waterfall called Horsetail Fall. During the last two weeks in February, if there is water trickling over the edge, and if it is clear at sunset (which doesn't happen too often due to the winter storms) the setting sun will turn this waterfall into a stream of molten fire. The waterfall lights up like molten lava due to the angle of the sun.
In the latter case, the "Yosemite Firefall" effect is a man-made one created by pushing burning embers over the edge of a cliff (a practice which was discontinued at Yosemite several decades ago):
At 9:00 each evening in Camp Curry, the crowd which had gathered for the nightly campfire program would fall silent. A man would call out to the top of Glacier Point "Let the fire fall!", and a faint reply could be heard from the top of the mountain. Then a great bonfire of red fir bark would be pushed evenly over the edge of the cliff, appearing to the onlookers below as a glowing waterfall of sparks and fire.

The spectacle was the Yosemite Firefall, a nightly tradition in Yosemite National Park for some 88 years.
Last updated:   26 July 2010

Reader's Page - Bhaskaran Sivaraman

Mr. Bhaskaran Sivaraman is an ardent follower of my blog. He has more statistical details than me, about my blog at his finger tips. He also contributes a lot of articles and information. There are many like him. I do not agree or accept the facts they furnish on many matters, and always in a dilemma to post them or not. However, I do not want to kill their enthusiasm. Hence I decided to post such matters under the label " Contribution from Readers" and post them for the benefit of many readers who may be interested in such subjects. The opinions expressed in these columns will be of the respective contributors and I do not subscribe to those ideas.

This one sent by him has many interesting information ( I am not sure about the authenticity on facts). Even though I also wanted to write about this show out of my love for Tamil, after watching it on TV, I decided, it is not worth it. Many Tamilians who are outside the state may be interested to read this. Hence it is here.

சமீபத்தில் நடந்து முடிந்த கோவை உலகத் தமிழ்ச் செம்மொழி மாநாடு பற்றி பல்வேறு பத்திரிகைகளில் வந்த செய்திகளின் தொகுப்புதான் இது.. இந்த மாநாட்டில் கலந்து கொள்ள முதல்வர் குடும்பத்தில் இருந்து 2 ஆயிரத்து
632 பேர் வந்திருந்திருக்கிறார்கள். இவர்கள் அத்தனை பேருக்கும் கோல்டன் பாஸ் கொடுத்திருக்கிறார்கள்.

முதல்வர் வீட்டுச் சம்பந்திகள், அவர்களது வீட்டு உறவினர்கள், பேரன், பேத்திகள் என்று அத்தனை பேருக்கும் 90 புரோட்டோகால் அதிகாரிகளும் நியமிக்கப்பட்டிருக்கிறார்கள். அதாவது அவர்களைத் தங்குமிடத்தில் இருந்து விழா இடத்துக்கு அழைத்து வரும் வேலையைச் செய்தது இந்த கடமை தவறாத தமிழக அரசு அதிகாரிகள்தானாம்..

இது தவிர, ஒவ்வொரு குடும்பத்துக்கும் ஒரு கார், ஒரு டிரைவர்ன்னு சூப்பரா
ஏற்பாடு செய்திருக்கிறார்கள்.. இதெல்லாம் யார் வீட்டுக் காசு..?

. தி.மு.க. மாநாட்டு மேடைகளில் அவர்களது விழாக்களில் முதல்வர் கருணாநிதியின் குடும்பம் முன் வரிசையை மொத்தமாக ஆக்கிரமித்துக் கொள்ளும். தமிழுக்காக ஒரு மாநாடு நடத்தப்படும்போதும் அந்த நிலைதான் தொடர வேண்டுமா..?

ஊர்வலத்தைப் பார்ப்பதற்கு வெளிநாட்டுத் தமிழ் அறிஞர்கள், உள்ளூர்ப் புலவர்கள் பலரும் ஒழுங்கான இடமில்லாமல் திணறித் தவிக்க.. கருணாநிதி
  குடும்பத்தின் நான்கு தலைமுறை வாரிசுகளும் ஒரு முழு மேடையை கபளீகரம் செய்து கொண்டார்கள்.  மாநாட்டுப் பொது மேடையின் முன் வரிசையில் இருந்த மொத்த நாற்காலிகளும் அவர்களுக்குத்தான்.. அவர்கள் திடீரென அரங்குக்குள் நுழையும்போது 15 வரிசை ஆட்களும் எழுந்து நிற்கிறார்கள்.  அமெரிக்க பேராசிரியர் ஜார்ஜ் ஹார்ட் பேசிக் கொண்டிருக்கும்போது செல்வி, துர்கா ஸ்டாலின், காந்தி அழகிரிவருகிறார்கள். முன் வரிசை ஆட்கள் எழுந்து நிற்கிறார்கள். ஹார்ட் இதன் அர்த்தம் புரியாமல் விழிக்கிறார்.

தொடக்க விழாவில் ஸ்டாலினுக்கு முக்கியத்துவம் தரப்பட்டதால் ஊர்வலம் பார்க்கும் மேடையை அழகிரியும், தயாநிதி மாறனும் பிடித்துக் கொண்டார்கள்.

ஆய்வரங்கத் தொடக்க விழா மேடையில் கனிமொழி மகாராணி போல் வலம் வந்தார். அழகிரி மகள் கயல்விழி கவியரங்கில் இருந்தார். செல்வி மகள் எழிலரசி வீணை வாசித்தார். கண்காட்சியை அழகிரி திறந்து வைத்தார். இணையதளக் கண்காட்சியைத் திறப்பது தயாநிதி மாறன். இறுதி நாள் மேடையில் ஸ்டாலினுக்கு நாற்காலி இருப்பதை உணர்ந்த அழகிரியும் தானே மேடையேறி ஓர் இடத்தைப் பிடித்தார்.

கிளம்பிற்றுகாண் ஜால்ரா கூட்டம்..

அதே கவிஞர்கள்.. அதே கூட்டம் சூழ்ந்திருக்க நடுநாயகமாக வீற்றிருக்கிறார்
முதல்வர்.. யாரங்கே.. தொடங்கட்டும் என்று ஆரம்பமாகிறது கவியரங்கம்..

கிளம்பிற்றுக்காண் தமிழ்ச் சிங்கக் கூட்டம் என்று வைரமுத்துவும், தமிழுக்கும் அமுதென்று பேர் என்று வாலியும் ஆளுக்கொரு சோப்பு கம்பெனியுடன் வந்தார்கள்.

செம்மொழித் தங்கமே எங்கள் செல்வச் சிங்கமே.. உன்னைக் கும்பிட்டால் ஊரையே கும்பிட்ட மாதிரி” என்று ஆரம்பித்து பாப்பநாயக்கன்பாளையம் டீக்கடை ஒன்றில் செம்மொழி மாநாடு நோக்கி நிற்கும் ஒரு மூதாட்டியிடம் தான் பேசும் பாவனையில் முதல்வர் மேல் மும்மாரி பொழிந்தார் வைரமுத்து.

கலைஞரின் கபாலக் களஞ்சியத்தில் ஆண் எண்ணங்களைவிட ஈரப் பெண் எண்ணங்களே அதிகம். இல்லாவிட்டால், கோபாலபுரம் வீட்டை கொடையாகத் தர முடியுமா..? அந்த ஒளவையார் காலத்தில் இவர் இருந்திருந்தால் அதியமான் ஏமாந்திருப்பான்..”என்றெல்லாம் கவிதை மழை பொழிந்தது ஈரோடு தமிழன்பன்.

பாடலாசிரியர் விவேகா, “தலைவா நீ சாகா விளக்கு.. விதி விலக்கு.. அகல்விளக்கு.. அகலா விளக்கு.. சென்னைக்குத் தெற்கே உள்ள திருக்குவளையில்தான் தமிழுக்குக் கிழக்கே பிறந்தது” என்று கண்டுபிடித்துச் சொன்னார்.

விடுவாரா நா.முத்துக்குமார்? “சோற்றை விட்டுவிட்டு சூரியனைச் சாப்பிட்டாய்.. திரையுலகில் பலர் ஜெயித்திருக்கிறார்கள். ஆனால் கலைஞர்
திரை உலகையே ஜெயித்திருக்கிறார். கலைஞர் ஒரு மலைக்கோட்டை” என்று வாசித்தார்.

கயல்விழிக்கான அறிமுகமே அபாரம். “தாத்தா தலையாட்ட.. பாட்டி தாலாட்ட..அப்பா பாராட்ட.. சித்தப்பா சீராட்ட.. பாட வா பெண்ணே.. உன் தாத்தாவிடம் நீ கேட்ட தமிழ்ப் பாட்டை..” என்று அழைத்தார் வைரமுத்து.

பாட்டு என்று அழைத்ததால் உண்மையில் பாடியேவிட்டார் கவிதாயினி. “பள்ளம் மேடாக வேண்டும். புரையோடிப் போன லஞ்சம் போக வேண்டும்” என்று சொன்னதுதான் யாருக்கு என்று புரியவில்லை..

இதையெல்லாம் கேள்விப்பட்ட வாலி தலைமையிலான அணி 16 அடி பாய்ந்தது. “ஒரு குவளை தமிழ்த் தாய்க்கே பால் ஊட்டியது அக்குவளை திருக்குவளை..” என்று சொன்னவர் மேத்தா. “காற்றே கலைஞரின் புகழ்ப் பாடித் திரி..” என்று இயற்கைக்கு உத்தரவிட்டார் வாலி. “கலைஞரை முத்தமிழ் என்று சொன்னால் நான் முரண்படுவேன். அவர் மொத்தத் தமிழன். வீடு வரை உறவு.. வீதி வரை மனைவி.. காடு வரை பிள்ளை.. கடைசிவரை கலைஞர்..” என்றெல்லாம் புகழ் பாடிப் பொழிந்தவர் இறுதியில் “முத்துக்குமார் தீக்குளித்து வளர்த்த தமிழ்” என்று முடித்தார் பழநிபாரதி.

“82 வயது உடல் மறைத்த இளைஞனே.. கலைஞரில் இருக்கிறார் கடவுள்.. 108 வடிவில் காப்பது கலைஞர்தானே..?” என்று தன் பணியைச் செவ்வனே முடித்தார் பா.விஜய்.

ஹைலைட்டான விஷயம்..

செம்மொழி மாநாட்டு அழைப்பிதழ்களை கலைஞர் குடும்பத்து குல தெய்வமான திருக்குவளை பரமேஸ்வரி கோவிலில் வைத்து பூஜை செய்யப்பட்டிருக்கிறது. அந்த அழைப்பிதழ்களை கொண்டு வந்து கொடுத்த ஆறு பூசாரிகளுக்கும் தனது கையாலே, தலா மூன்றாயிரம் ரூபாய் ரொக்கத்தையும், பட்டு வேஷ்டியையும் கொடுத்திருக்கிறார் கருணாநிதி. இதைச் சொல்லிச் சொல்லி பூரித்துக்கொண்டிருக்கிறார்கள் அந்த பூசாரிகள். ம்ஹும்.. பகுத்தறிவு வேஷம் போடும் இவரைப் போன்ற வேடதாரிகள் தமிழினத்தின் தலைவராம்..

மொழிக்காக உயிரையே கொடுப்பேன் என்று வெற்றுக் கூச்சல் போட்டு மக்களுடைய வரிப்பணத்தில் இருந்து 450 கோடியைத் திருடி தன்னைத் தானே வாழ்த்திக்கொண்ட அற்பபுத்தியுடைய இந்த கூட்டம்தான் தமிழகத்தை வாழவைக்க வந்த தெய்வங்களாம்.. சகித்துக் கொள்ள முடியவில்லை..

Monday, July 26, 2010

Concert - Sanjay Subramanian

Did you read  "Responsibility of relationship" posted on 25th July 2010? 

Blogger Revanth said...
Is this a recording of Sanjay's concert in Hyderabad? I attended this one I guess! Wonderful Gangeyabhushani! Thanks for uploading
July 28, 2010 11:10 PM

Blogger hvaidya said...
Yes. You are welcome.
July 29, 2010 8:22 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
Varnam is not sahana but maalavi. I believe its a composition of sanjay's guru Kalkutta Krishnamurthy. Thanks for a a tm krishna one? :)
July 31, 2010 8:50 AM

Blogger hvaidya said...
I have corrected. sorry for the mistake
July 31, 2010 3:11 PM
Anonymous Raghu said...
Dear Sri Vaidya, Thank you once again foranother great concert. GangeyaBhushani is SUPERB. With Regards, Raghu
July 31, 2010 9:16 PM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
1 In the concert of Madurai Somasundaram (concert no. 78) the song Marukelara at Sl. No. 6 is redirected to the mediafire page and is reported not found. 2. Thanks a lot for uploading again the 3 songs of the GNB conert (no.90). In the same concert the song Maaramanan (Hindolam) at Sl. No. 10 is incomplete. Can you please see if the full song is available for uploading? K.NAGARAJAN
September 5, 2010 7:39 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Dear Mr.Nagarajan, I am not able to locate the song No 6, Marukelara in Madurai Somasundaram concert No 78 in my library also. Please give me some time, I will try to locate it. Maa ramanam in GNB concert ( No 90)is just missing few seconds. I am afraid it might have been lost while editing.
September 5, 2010 10:59 PM

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Responsibility of relationship ( a must read and execute)

    What is the most effective way to create and sustain great relationships with others? It's The 100/0 Principle: You take full responsibility (the 100) for the relationship, expecting nothing (the 0) in return.
    Implementing The 100/0 Principle is not natural for most of us. It takes real commitment to the relationship and a good dose of self-discipline to think, act and give 100 percent.

    The 100/0 Principle applies to those people in your life where the relationships are too important to react automatically or judgmentally. Each of us must determine the relationships to which this principle should apply. For most of us, it applies to work associates, customers, suppliers, family and friends.

    STEP 1 - Determine what you can do to make the relationship work...then do it. Demonstrate respect and kindness to the other person, whether he/she deserves it or not.

    STEP 2 - Do not expect anything in return. 

    STEP 3 - Do not allow anything the other person says or does (no matter how annoying!) to affect you. In other words, don't take the bait.

    STEP 4 - Be persistent with your graciousness and kindness. Often we give up too soon, especially when others don't respond in kind. Remember to expect nothing in return.

    At times (usually few), the relationship can remain challenging, even toxic, despite your 100 percent commitment and self-discipline. When this occurs, you need to avoid being the "Knower" and shift to being the "Learner.

    Avoid Knower statements/ thoughts like "that won't work," "I'm right, you are wrong," "I know it and you don't," "I'll teach you," "that's just the way it is," "I need to tell you what I know," etc.

    Instead use Learner statements/thoughts like "Let me find out what is going on and try to understand the situation," "I could be wrong," "I wonder if there is anything of value here," "I wonder if..." etc. In other words, as a Learner, be curious!

    Principle Paradox

    This may strike you as strange, but here's the paradox: When you take authentic responsibility for a relationship, more often than not the other person quickly chooses to take responsibility as well. Consequently, the 100/0 relationship quickly transforms into something approaching 100/100. When that occurs, true breakthroughs happen for the individuals involved, their teams, their organizations and their families.

    Do you know ?

                   Address proof card issued 
                           Postal Department

    Many working people often shift their houses. For them, it is difficult to produce an address proof issued by Government with latest address. Our India Post (Post Office) has come up with a solution. Now you can get an address proof along with your photo from India post. Since the ID proof is issued by India post which is a Central Government organization, it is similar to other ID cards like Driving license, Voters ID etc. It can be used for opening bank accounts, for getting telephone and gas connections etc. The total cost for getting this ID card is Rs.250/ (Rs.10 for application and Rs.240/- processing fee).  Do inform everybody. May be useful. For more details enquire in the nearest post office. 
    To download the form click here

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    My diary 15th July 2010

    Hi friends,

    Do you recognise her? This is Ms. Sivapriya krishnan, who wrote the famous "Iyengar Airlines"  which I posted in this blog. You may be aware she is multi talented one, and she is giving a music concert tomorrow ( 16th July 2010) between 5.00 and 6.30 P.M at Dhakshinamurthy Auditorium, P.S. High School Mylapore. Why don't you join me?

    Laugh ! That is good for health

    I was barely sitting down when I heard a voice from the other stall saying:
    'Hi, how are you?'

    I'm not the type to start a conversation in the restroom and I don't know what got into me, but I answered, somewhat embarrassed,
    'Doin' just fine!'

    And the other person says:
    'So what are you up to?'

    What kind of question is that? At that point, I'm thinking this is too bizarre so I say:
    'Uhhh, I'm like you, just traveling!'

    At this point I am just trying to get out as fast as I can when I hear another question.
    'Can I come over?'

    Ok, this question is just too weird for me but I figured I could just be polite and end the conversation. I tell them  
    'No..I'm a little busy right now!!!'  

    Then I hear the
    person say nervously...
    'Listen, I'll have to call you back
    .  There's an idiot in the next stall who keeps answering all my questions  

    Cell phones, don't you just love them.

    Blogger anand said...
    July 15, 2010 6:34 PM

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010

    Play wise, play fool to achieve your goal

    There once lived a great mathematician in a village outside Ujjain. He was often called by the local king to advice on matters related to the economy. His reputation had spread as far as Taxila in the North and Kanchi in the South. So it hurt him very much when the village headman told him, "You may be a great mathematician who advises the king on economic matters but your son does not know the value of gold or silver."

    The mathematician called his son and asked, "What is more valuable - gold or silver?" "Gold," said the son. "That is correct. Why is it then that the village headman makes fun of you, claims you do not know the value of gold or silver? He teases me every day. He mocks me before other village elders as a father who neglects his son. This hurts me. I feel everyone in the village is laughing behind my back because you do not know what is more valuable, gold or silver. Explain this to me, son."

    So the son of the mathematician told his father the reason why the village headman carried this impression. "Every day on my way to school, the village headman calls me to his house. There, in front of all village elders, he holds out a silver coin in one hand and a gold coin in other. He asks me to pick up the more valuable coin. I pick the silver coin. He laughs, the elders jeer, everyone makes fun of me. And then I go to school. This happens every day. That is why they tell you I do not know the value of gold or silver."

    The father was confused. His son knew the value of gold and silver, and yet when asked to choose between a gold coin and silver coin always picked the silver coin. "Why don't you pick up the gold coin?" he asked. In response, the son took the father to his room and showed him a box. In the box were at least a hundred silver coins. Turning to his father, the mathematician's son said, "The day I pick up the gold coin the game will stop. They will stop having fun and I will stop making money."

    The bottom line is
    Sometimes in life, we have to play the fool because our seniors and our peers, and sometimes even our juniors like it. That does not mean we lose in the game of life. It just means allowing others to win in one arena of the game, while we win in the other arena of the game. We have to choose which arena matters to us and which arenas do not.

     Contributed by Mr. Seshadri Srinivasan

    Blogger aoldeva said...
    Oh! Really a very great philosophy which everybody has to apply to his/her life. - Devarajan MK
    July 14, 2010 6:38 PM
    Blogger SPK said...
    Very useful lesson.
    July 17, 2010 7:59 PM