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Monday, July 11, 2011

  1. Varnam - Evare bodhana - Sahaanaa 
  2. Mariveregadhi - Aanandabairavi 
  3. Thiagaraja palayasumam - gowlai 
  4. Venugaana - Kedhaaragowla 
  5. Aalaapana - Thanarupi 
  6. Vaa velavaa - Thanarupi 
  7. Dhaarini - Sudhdhasaveri  
  8. Thani  
  9. Thaye ezhai - Bhairavi  
  10. RTP - Aalaapanai - Poorvikalyaani 
  11. RTP - Violin - Poorvikalyaani 
  12. RTP - Thanam  
  13. RTP - Pallavi  
  14. Kaanavendum - Surutti  
  15. Viruththam - Raagamalika  
  16. Thillaanaa - Sindhubairavi
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.....that someone is extending love to you this day, and
hoping so dearly that you will receive it.

You have asked for someone to love you right now,
and God has answered your prayer. Look. Listen.
That loving person is right in your world. Open the
door for them to come in.

I promise you, I'm not making this up. Someone is
loving you right now. Look. Listen. Let it in. 

Blogger Ananth said...

Thanks for the wonderful concert. I think RTP is in Pantuvarali, not Purvikalyani.
July 17, 2011 6:01 AM

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