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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paul coelho on GOSSIP

A woman was gossiping with a friend about a man of which she hardly knew.

That nite she had a dream..

A great hand appeared over her and pointed down at her,

she was immediately overwhelmed by sense of guilt.

The next day,she went to a confession and told everything,

“Is gossiping a sin?Is that a hand of God Almighty pointing finger at me?
should I ask for forgiveness?Has i done something wrong?”, the woman worried.

“Yes.yes.yes”, the Father answered.

The woman said she really sorry and asked for forgiveness.

“Not so fast. Go back to your home and take a pillow upon your roof.
Cut it open with a knife and return here to me”, replied the Father.

So the women went home, take the pillow off bed, a knife from the drawer,
went up the fire escape to the roof and stabbed the pillow.

She get bact to the priest as he instructed.

“Did you got the pillow with the knife?”, he asked.

“Yes, Father”, replied the woman.

“And what was the result?”, asked him.

“Feathers”she said

“Feathers?”, he repeated.

“Feathers everywhere”, she told.

“Now, I want you to back and gather up every last feather flew by the wind.”,
the Father told.

“Well, it cant be done. I dunno where they went. The wind took them all over”.
said the woman.

and the Father replied

“That is gossip”.

Concert - Savitha Narasimhan

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Sent by Sidhdhika Sriram