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Thursday, February 28, 2013


Concert - K.V. Narayanaswamy

Download 01 Sarasijanabha Murare (V) = Mayamalavagaula = Adi = Swati .mp3
Download 02 Tyaagarayajaya namaste = Begada = Rupakam = Dikshita.mp3
Download 03 Angarakam = Surati = Rupakam = Dikshita.mp3
Download 04 Bhajarare re chitta = Kalyani = M Chapu = Dikshita.mp3
Download 05 Anna purne = Sama = Adi = Dikshita.mp3
Download 06 Sarasijanabha-sodari = Nagagandhari = Rupakam = Dikshita.mp3
Download 07 Baalagopala = Bhairavi = Adi = Dikshita.mp3
Download 08 Sreerama jayarama = Yadukulakambhoji = Jhampa = Tyagaraja.mp3
Download 09 Sree Satyanarayanam = Subhapantuvarali = Rupakam = Dikshi.mp3
Download 10 Maayamma yani ne = Ahiri = Adi = Syama Sastri.mp3

...that every increased possession loads us with a new

Life is not
about our physical or material possessions, it is about
the agenda of our soul. When material possessions
serve that agenda, they can be wonderful and are to
be celebrated. But if they come between us and the 
soul, then we may very well be delayed on our holy

Our journey is the path back to peace, to harmony,
to deep inner joy, to love, and to God.

Anonymous Anonymous said...
This is the 1975 Music Academy Concert - Dikshitar Bicentennial
March 3, 2013 at 8:41 AM