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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Concert - V.V. Sadagopan

  1. Sri venu 
  2. Kaanavendum
  3. Raamabhajanai 
  4. Enthavedu 
  5. Aadhaaram  
  6. Kannan mukham 
  7. Viruththam  
  8. Paarthasarathy  
  9. Seer sirakkum  
  10. Sthothram
Thank Mr. Vasudevan
    ...that there is no need to be afraid. Even if you were to
    die right now, there would be no need to be afraid.

    This life, this wonderful life, is on your side. This universe,
    this wonderful universe, is in your corner, supporting all
    of life. This God, this wonderful God, places Divine
    wisdom and power in your hands.

    Trust that. Use it. And let it give you strength. Right now.
    Blogger BHASKARAN19 said...
    Unbelievable, my long time wish cherished today, I do not know how it happened, Thank you . Only a week back with great search I hv posted couple of his favourite songs in my face book, Now total windfall. One more request I am looking for Mysore B.S.Raja Iyengar's collection will you pl help me (us)

    July 15, 2011 6:55 AM
    This day.

    Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Dear Sir Sri Vaithiathan Hariharan Thank You Sir is the simplest of the expressions. Aadharam--Karaharapriya sung by VVS, a song that was searched by me for many years is now with me. The entire credit goes to the Sir. I am very much paasionate in hearing VVS particularly Enthavedukondu. Second comes Aadharam Neeye Iya. There is one more song which I miserably fail to remember but it is in the Raaga Pilahari by VVS. There was no parallel for his singing. I heard that he was a Professor. Thank You once again Sir. Coming to "This life, this wonderful life, is on your side. This universe, this wonderful universe, is in your corner, supporting all of life. This God, this wonderful God, places Divine wisdom and power in your hands". The aspirant must approach this scripture with an intense desire, with the belief that this is no mere collection of words or thoughts, but the revelation of the eternal self. With warm regards ravi
    July 15, 2011 8:13 PM
    Blogger suriyan said...
    Dear sir, My heartfelt gratitudes to you for this upload.I have never felt that i would be blessed enough to listent to VVS. I remember, a couple of years ago in a famous CD shop an elderly gentleman ( in his eighties)enquiring about the availability of cds by VVS and N L Ganasaraswathi. The person in-charge of the section experssed her ignorance over the artists ( avanga peyare kelivipattadilli). i took him aside and told that so far no CDs have been avalable and i am also in search of them. He enquiringly looked at me and even asked do i know such artists existed and challanged me tell a song sung by NLG. I told him that i have listened her RPM plate orumugam salitthal when i was very young. That gentle man was pleased and expressed his satisfaction that "' at lease i could talk to some one who knows those artists... Had it been today i would have copied these songs for his blissful listening. God Bless You sir.
    July 16, 2011 5:14 PM
    Blogger kewlmallu said...
    Thank you for posting this. I have a request. There is an MDR concert that has an extended Entharo..followed by Shankarabharanam. Do you happen to have this concert... if yes...could you upload.. i am currently going through Sangeethapriya to see if anyone has uploaded this but have not found it yet.
    July 16, 2011 5:34 PM
    Blogger BHASKARAN19 said...
    V V S has also acted in movies that many may not know. Prof.V.V.Sadagopan as Madana Kama Rajan We could listen to his songs only All India Radio those days, in todays FM world - one cannot dream of such concerts
    July 17, 2011 8:51 PM
    Blogger IyerThinksYouAreStupid said...
    Great man. Yes, he was a Professor of Music. In fact he taught my mother in the Sangeeta Siromani course in Delhi in the sixties (along with TRS). He suddenly vanished one day in the early eighties, I believe, impelled by a desire to take up sanyasa. Nothing has been heard of him since. When I was a young kid in the eighties, and my mother would be feeding me paruppu-saadam and veththal kuyambu, I would get up in the middle of my meal to watch cartoons on TV. She would yell in Tamil after me, "Where do you thinkg you are going, telling no one like Sadagopan Sir?" LOL! The man was a genius - everyone around him who came in contact with him knew it. My father openly claimed it to his face.
    November 29, 2011 7:39 AM