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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Since you are now in class +2

Dear Bhavana,

I should have posted this in the beginning of academic year itself. Better late than never.There are two types of students. One who studies with time table, other with the decision to read certain lessons on specific days and complete them. I do not know whether you have either of these plans.

Now you take a decision to whatever way you want, but divide them to small units. Please divide each unit atleast one and half hour.

You fully concentrate on that unit for half an hour and try to fully understand it. Then close your book and try to recall the whole subject what you read. Not necessarily in the same words in what you read. If so it will be mugging. Try to say that in your own language. Supposing your friend asks you about that unit, that she is not able to follow, so, if you tell her, how will you say,in the same pattern try to recall. This is called audio memory.

The next is video memory. That is writing down the subject what you read. This will be most boring job and you will feel that you have already mentally recalled it and why should you write it again. But, there is always a danger that what you think and tell, will not be the same when you write them down. So never write an examination without practicing the writing habit. When you put your signature you do not think of the spelling of your names. This is because of the habit. This habit is essential for writing the examination also and it will automatically come only if you practice writing the subject you study as often as possible. Only repeated writing will stay in the mind.

After writing down, now open your book and try to find out whether you have written all the points. If any point is omitted please write that also again and add to the exercise.

This is the method of revising all the subject in one lesson.

The second revision is writing an examination like for three hours. Take any previous year's question paper or the questions in your book on the subject. Write all the answers as though you are writing the examination without anybreak. Then you can self-correct and give marks to your answers. Now you will know where you have done mistakes and so you will not commit these mistakes while writing examination unless you really realize and put it in your mind. Normally these mistakes will be certainly more in your memory because you did this as mistake.

This practice will help you in two ways. One you learn to finish the examination withiin the specific time without omitting any question for want of time. This is called sense of allotment of time. This practice will help you to improve this habit. Second, this will create self confidence. However best you have prepared, there will be nervousness at the time of examination and will make you to forget the answers you know. If you practice like this, the examination will not be examination to you, but it will be a repetition of your exercise only.

Because the syllabus is very big you can't make a selective study. Your question paper preparatory will not have the same selective mind like yours. So, it is very important, that, even though there will be choice in the question paper, selective choice is very risk. The questions may be from the subjects you have omitted.

It is not necessary to read for five or six hours continuously. You can always relax in between. But the relaxing technique is more important.

You can go for a walk.
You can read a newspaper or magazine.
You can sleep for half an hour.
You can hear good music ( This point is added by Mr. Srinivas, one of the reader)

There is nothing wrong on these things. But the best relaxation is deep inhaling and exhaling. It reduces the carbon-dioxide in your lungs and increases the oxygen and there by you get fresh energy.

There are three more important things that you should avoid in this relation. they are 1. SEEING TV 2. Playing video games and computer games 3. TALKING OVER THE PHONE/MOBILE FOR HOURS TOGETHER

Because these three things, even though they take only half an hour or some more minutes, but the impact of these things will be there in the mind for many hours.

Night study may be good , because there will be fewer disturbances but you should certainly sleep six or seven hours a day. Even tea or coffee will not help night reading because they are only of temporary stimulation.

If you want to read in the nights, do maths. Maths will make your brain active.

Have more oil in the head and keep drying whenever it spills down from head. This will avoid sleep. ( do not forget to shampoo your head before sleeping)

Carrot or any salads may be your side dishes. Because to eat them you have to chew a lot which will prevent sleep. ( Do not go for items like chips or chewing items)

Please avoid rice and potato in the nights. They will not only induce sleep but also delay the digestive system.

Instead have Soya, egg, milk, paneer etc. Because, you cannot eat them more and will be able to eat half belly and so the stomach will not be heavy. As for as you body is concerned the need of the hour is only protein.

Two more important things.

Until your examination, do not eat outside or drink water outside. If you get fever or jaundice then you will not be able to atten the exam.

The another important thing is that since March, April, May are chickenpox season, it is very important to have the vaccination or prevent it.

After working hard and preparing for exam, you should remember the following things.

Attempt first the questions for which you know the answers. This will give lot of self-confidence. With this self confidence and commonsense you can write the answers to the other questions also.

Write clearly and neatly . Highlight the important points.

Try to finish the exams ten minutes before. This ten minutes is to correct the mistakes if any. Instead of 12 kg , if you have written 12 km, ten marks would have gone.

Verify the question numbers.

Do not compare your performance with others after the examination. Do not postmortem and compare with others. "I studied well and I have written well and so let me forget". This should be your policy. If you are confused by doing these things the following exam preparations will be affected.

When you get holidays in between the examinations, do not spend all these holidays only for the next exam alone. Spare some time for other subjects also.

Work hard. Look after your health. Write the exam boldly. The success is yours.

With love
Hari thaaththaa

Concert - M.S. Gopalakrishnan & M.S. Ananatharaman - Sep.1975

  1. Maguva ninne - Naarayanagowla
  2. Kedharam - Aalaapanai
  3. Raama nee pai - Kedhaaram
  4. Naattakurinji - Aalaapanai
  5. Budham - Naattakurinji
  6. Kumudakriya - Aalaapanai
  7. Ardhanaareeswaram - Kumudakriya
  8. Reethigowlai - Aalaapanai
  9. Janani - Reethigowlai
  10. Anathudana - Jingala
  11. Nalinakanthi - Aalaapanai
  12. Manaviyaalakin - Nalinakanthi
  13. Dwajawanthi - Aalaapanai
  14. Chethaasri - Dwajawanthi
  15. Behaag - Aalaapanai
  16. Idhudhaano thillai - Behaag
  17. Subapanthuvaraali
  18. ........- Subhapanthuvaraali
  19. Sivaranjani
  20. .........- Sivaranjani
  21. Sindhubairavi
  22. Thillaana - Sindhubairavi
  23. Thiruppugazh - Mohanam, Aanandhabairavi
  24. Mangalam
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Can you please include the file size so that we can check whether the download size is correct Regards Krishnan
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Dear Mr. Krishnan, I will try to do that in future. Thanks for suggestion.
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Dear mama, I have sent you a mail regarding this concert. Please see it. Srinivas
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