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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Can he recognise who is who in the photo ?

Concert - Aruna Sairam

Download 01-entO_prEmatO-VARNAM-shuruTTi.mp3
Download 02-vAchAma_gOcharudani-aTANa-Adhi-mysUru_sadhAshiva_rAo.mp3
Download 03-vina_nAshakoni_yunnAnura-pratApavarALi.mp3
Download 04-bhajana_sEyavE_manasA-kalyANi.mp3
Download 05-amba_nIlAmbari-nIlAmbari-Adhi-ponnayya_piLLai.mp3
Download 06-manasA_shrI_rAmacandruni-IshamanOhari.mp3
Download 07-dhyAnamE_varamaina-dhanyAsi.mp3
Download 08-koniyADina_nApai-kAmbOji.mp3
Download 09-koniyADina_nApai-kAmbOji.mp3
Download 10-thani_Avarthane-mrudhanga.mp3
Download 11-evatE_gUdina-gouLipanthu-thriputa-kshEthragnya.mp3
Download 12-shlOka-rAgamAlike-thOdi_bEgade_hamsAnandhi_surati.mp3
Download 13-Speech.mp3


.....that bad news does not have to get you down. It can
actually get you going.

The things that really matter in life often become more
clear tous when we encounter bad news or bad luck.
We can use such moments to expand our experience
of our most precious treasures: the people that we love. 

Now may be a wonderful time to get back to basics,
like board games with your children, quiet talks with
your friends, a moment of gentleness with your spouse.

Mehdi Hassan is no more

Mehdi Hassan passed away today. There is already 15 Ghazals in this blog and I will post more.