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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Quote of the year !

Conert - Savitha Narasimhan - 30th March 09

In her vocal recital to mark Dikshitar Jayanthi under the aegis of Saraswathi Vaggeyakara trust at Naradah Gana Sabha, Savita Narasimhan celebrated the spirit of Muthuswami Dikshitar's compositions with insight and poise.

Dignity was writ large on the presentation that began with "Swaminatha"(Nattai) complimented by fluid kalpanaswaras. The next piece was "Kanchadalayathaakshi" (Kamalamanohari). Sarvalaghu effectively guided swaras to the opening line of the Pallavi, "Arunachalanadham"(Saranga). The power of Dhikshitar's held you in thrall as "Chandram bhaja Manasa" (Asaveri) invoked the cool rays of Soma to bathe both artist and listener in a quiet luminiscence amidst a rendition redolent with bhavas.

While not aspiring for the exceptional, the Anandhabhairavi alapana was neverthless unexceptionable, reiterating enduring values through disciplined structuring and tradition bound sancharas. The beauty of " Kamalambaa Samrakshathu Maam" shone through Savita's articulation, her deep involvement highlighting the composer's plea for Devi's compassion.

A refershing wave of contrast rolled in with "Shankha chakra Gada pani(Poorna chandrika), with a quick swaraprasthara round.

In the main raga, Poorvikalyani, an intuitive search yielded rich bounty in the lower reaches anchored by definitive phrasing of gandhara.

In the tara sthayi, madhyamakala prayoga alighting on the shadja and open-throated exploration at the gandhara offered nuggets.

From among his profound compositions, it was the beautiful "Meenakshi memudham dehi" that Dhikshitar is siad to have chosen to immerse his conscious in, as he shed his mortal coil to merge with the Divine.

Savita's handling of this masterpiece proved that subtlety is her forte, an aspect echoed in the measured, soothing cadences of niraval and swarqa. Charulatha Ramanujam's violin strings spoke a language that mirrored the vocalist's creative vision while J. Vaidyanathan's command over percussive vallinam-mellinam was a perfect foil to the flow of melody.

Courtesy: Lalitha Krishnan in The Hindu dated April 10, 2009

While downloading the songs read this excellent review. You will enjoy the concert more, because you know something more about it now

  1. Swaaminaatha - Naattai
  2. Kanchadhalaaya - Kamalamanohari
  3. Arunaachalanaadham - Saarangaa
  4. Chandram bhaja - Asaaveri
  5. Kamalaambaa(AAlapana) - Aanandhabairavi
  6. Kamalaambaa - Aanandhabairavi
  7. Shankhachakra - Poornachandrika
  8. Meenaakshi memudham(Aalapnaa) - Poorvikalyani
  9. Meenaakshi memudham - Poorvikalyani
  10. Thani
  11. Akhilaandeswari - Dwajawanthi
  12. Mangalam (Sri venkatagirisham) - Surutti