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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thiruppaavai - Velukudi Krishnan

Download 001 MAARGAZHIPart1.mp3
Download 002-MARGAZHI-02.mp3
Download 003-VAIYAM-01.mp3
Download 004-VAIYAM-02.mp3
Download 005-VAIYAM-03.mp3
Download 006-WONGI-01.mp3
Download 007-WONGI-02.mp3
Download 008-WONGI-03.mp3
Download 009-AAZHIMAZHAI-01.mp3
Download 010-AAZHIMAZHAI-02.mp3
Download 011-AAZHIMAZHAI-03.mp3
Download 012-MAAYANAI-01.mp3
Download 013-MAAYANAI-02.mp3
Download 014-PULLUM-01.mp3
Download 015-PULLUM-02.mp3
Download 016-PULLUM-03.mp3
Download 017-KEESUKEESU-01.mp3
Download 018-KEESUKEESU-02.mp3
Download 019-KEESUKEESU-03.mp3
Download 020-KEESUKEESU-04.mp3
Download 021-KEEZHVAANAM-01.mp3
Download 022-KEEZHVAANAM-02.mp3
Download 023-KEEZHVAANAM-03.mp3
Download 024-KEEZHVAANAM-04.mp3
Download 025-THOOMANIMAADAM-01.mp3
Download 026-THOOMANIMAADAM-02.mp3
Download 027-THOOMANIMAADAM-03.mp3
Download 028-NOTTRUSWARGAM-01.mp3
Download 029-NOTTRUSWARGAM-02.mp3
Download 030-NOTTRUSWARGAM-03.mp3
Download 031-KATTRUKARAVAI-01.mp3
Download 032-KATTRUKARAVAI-02.mp3
Download 033-KATTRUKARAVAI-03.mp3
Download 034-KANAITHILAM-01.mp3
Download 035-KANAITHILAM-02.mp3
Download 036-KANAITHILAM-03.mp3
Download 037-PULLINVAAI-01.mp3
Download 038-PULLINVAAI-02.mp3
Download 039-PULLINVAAI-03.mp3
Download 040-UNGALPUZHAKKADAI-01.mp3
Download 041-UNGALPUZHAKKADAI-02.mp3
Download 042-UNGALPUZHAKKADAI-03.mp3
Download 043-ELLAY-01.mp3
Download 044-ELLAY-02.mp3
Download 045-ELLAY-03.mp3
Download 046-NAYAGANAAI-01.mp3
Download 047-NAYAGANAAI-02.mp3
Download 048-NAYAGANAAI-03.mp3
Download 049-AMBARAMAY-01.mp3
Download 050-AMBARAMAY-02.mp3
Download 051-AMBARAMAY-03.mp3
Download 052-AMBARAMAY-04.mp3
Download 053-WUNDHU-01.mp3
Download 054-WUNDHU-02.mp3
Download 055-WUNDHU-03.mp3
Download 056-KUTHTHUVILAKKU-01.mp3
Download 057-KUTHTHUVILAKKU-02.mp3
Download 058-KUTHTHUVILAKKU-03.mp3
Download 059-MUPPATHTHUMOOVAR-01.mp3
Download 060-MUPPATHTHUMOOVAR-02.mp3
Download 061-MUPPATHTHUMOOVAR-03.mp3
Download 062-YEHTTRAKALANGAL-01.mp3
Download 063-YEHTTRAKALANGAL-02.mp3
Download 064-YEHTTRAKALANGAL-03.mp3
Download 065-ANKANMAAGNALAM-01.mp3
Download 066-ANKANMAAGNALAM-02.mp3
Download 067-MAARIMALAI-01.mp3
Download 068-MAARIMALAI-02.mp3
Download 069-MAARIMALAI-03.mp3
Download 070-MAARIMALAI-04.mp3
Download 071-ANDRU-01.mp3
Download 072-ANDRU-02.mp3
Download 073-ANDRU-03.mp3
Download 074-ORUTHTHI-01.mp3
Download 075-ORUTHTHI-02.mp3
Download 076-ORUTHTHI-03.mp3
Download 077-MAALAY-01.mp3
Download 078-MAALAY-02.mp3
Download 079-MAALAY-03.mp3
Download 080-KOODARAI-01.mp3
Download 081-KOODARAI-02.mp3
Download 082-KOODARAI-03.mp3
Download 083-KARAVAIGAL-01.mp3
Download 084-KARAVAIGAL-02.mp3
Download 085-KARAVAIGAL-03.mp3
Download 086-SITTRAMSIRUKAALAY-01.mp3
Download 087-SITTRAMSIRUKAALAY-02.mp3
Download 88 Sittram Siru Kaalay - Part 3.mp3
Download 088-SITTRAMSIRUKAALAY-03-SitramSiruKaale-PartNo.3.mp3
Download 89 Sittram Siru Kaalay - Part 4.mp3
Download 90 Vanga Kadal Kadaintha - Part 1.mp3
Download 91 Vanga Kadal Kadaintha - Part 2.mp3
Download 92 Vanga Kadal Kadaintha - Part 3.mp3
Download 93 Vanga Kadal Kadaintha - Part 4.mp3
Download 94 Vanga Kadal Kadaintha - Part 5.mp3

Thank Ms. Priya Ashok 
Blogger ramas said...
Discourse on Vangakkadal, the last pasuram is missing
March 20, 2011 9:04 AM
Anonymous Anonymous said...
thanks a lot sir!!
March 20, 2011 1:48 PM
Blogger Harisankar said...
Check on youtube for this. Do a search. It is really nice too.
March 20, 2011 8:33 PM
Blogger hvaidya said...
I have uploaded the left over.
March 21, 2011 7:37 PM