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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Concert - T.N. seshagopalan

  1. Speach by T.N.S 
  2. Naadha thanum - Chththaranjani 
  3. Naadaloludai - Kalyaanavasantham 
  4. Siva siva siva ena - Panthuvaraali 
  5. Aanandha natana - Kedhaaram 
  6. Enneramum undhan - Dhevagaandhaari 
  7. Thiruvadi charanm - Kaambodhi 
  8. RTP - Shanmugapriya  
  9. Viruththam - Durbaari kaanadaa and Mangalam
Thank Mr. varadarajan Raju
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Concert - Abhishek Raghuram

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Blogger vigi said...

Thanks for sharing. Tags say this is the GNB Day Concert of 18JAN2011 for Ragatharangini Trust, Chennai.
November 2, 2011 12:32 AM