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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Concert - Bombay Jayashree - 3rd Dec 07

  1. Meluko dhayaanidhe - Sourashtram
  2. Sree naaradha (Aalapanaa)- Kaanada
  3. Sree naaradha - Kaanada
  4. Santhaana gopaala - Kamaas
  5. Chiththam irangaadhenaiya (Aalaapana) -Sahaanaa
  6. Chiththam irangaadhenaiya - Sahaanaa
  7. Sree Sathyanaaraayanam(Aalaapana)- Subapanthuvaraali
  8. Sree sathyanaaraayanam - Subapanthuvaraali
  9. Viruththam(Aadhaaram) fwd by Muruganin maru peyar - Behaag
  10. Raagi thandheers - Revathi
  11. Question and Answers
  12. Thillaanaa - Madhuvanthi

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