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Friday, November 6, 2009

Music season 2009

  • Carnatic music season has started in Chennai even before the rains.
  • Bharat sangeet utsav 2009 initiated the season from 1st November with not less than three programmes a day.

  • Sudha Raghunathan paid tribute to her Guru M (melody) L (layam) V (vidhwat) by singing the songs popularised by the Legend.

  • Thani by Umayalpuram Sivaraman was excellent in Sikkil Gurucharan' concert. I thought he almost forgot that Dr.S. Karthik is waiting with Ghatam. He was so inspired.

  • Ranjani & Gayathri wore the same coloured sarees and blouses to start with this season. They used to have lot of permutations and combination in their dress in previous years viz Ranjani's blouse colour will be of Gayathri's saree and vice versa etc.

  • Most surprising aspect was that nobody moved in the hall ( Naradha Gana Sabha with a capacity of more than 1000 seats)which had no empty seat, during the Visakha Hari's programme of "Gajendraq moksham" which started at 7.00P.M. and ended at 9.15.P.M. In all the other programmes, the hall appeared to be Ranganathan street.