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Thursday, December 31, 2009

My diary - 31st December 2009

                    Good bye 2009
Dear readers

This was a glorious year as a blogger to me. Not because I posted nearly 250 posts during this year. Not because it had  1,55,245 page views. Not because it had 60,720 new visitors. Not because it had 94,525 returning visitors. Not because it has 4814 music files and downloads of those files are 4.46.038. Not because, it reached to the rank of 74 from Indiblogger.

Because, I won lot of love and affection from people from various parts of the world, spread from New zealand to Canada, and Sweden to South Africa. This is the greatest treasure I won in my 67 years of life, because from my childhood days to day, I always believed "God is love and Love is God". People who call me Mr. Vaidyanathan, Hariharan, Hari, and mama; many youngsters who are going to schools and many elderly persons who are senior to me by more than 20 years; all are very affectionate to me; very nice to me; very kind to me, even while pointing out the errors. How am  I going to repay this love from you all, except, giving you few pleasant moments in a day, as and when you visit this page.

Many have contributed with lot of music, beautiful photos, many interesting information and they are still pouring in. The greatest gesture from many was not necessarily to get their names to appear but the standard of this blog was to improve. Many youngsters helped me to improve my computer knowledge by teaching me the various aspects of this science.

I will try to live to your expectations and make this blog interesting to you to read.  I will seek your blessings, your good wishes, and support in 2010 also.

Wish you all very very happy and prosperous new  year.

With love and greetings

I will be active again from tomorrow