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Monday, April 28, 2008

Navagraha keerthanais

Now I have posted them under mediaFire so that to remove the difficulties in downloading from rapidshare. I hope this will help you to download easily and hear the respective songs on the respective days.

I do not know, how far this helps, but my wife sincerely hears these songs everyday, in this order. First the Navagraha sthothram and then the respective Graha's song on the respective day. She says she is adding Raahu and Kethu on the days attached with the Lord of the day according to her horoscope. For example, Raahu or Kethu is with Chandran in her horoscope she hears the respected song also on Monday. I do not know whether it gives any benefit, but I am finding her very happy and peaceful and does this systematically. If you believe, why don't you try, since this is in sanskrit and it can be heard by anybody irrespective of their mother tounge.

Please post your experience and comments sthothram

  • - Surya (Sunday) 

  • Chandran (Monday)

  • - Angaarakan ( Tuesday)

  • - Bhudhan ( Wednesday)

  • - Brahaspathi ( Thursday )

  • Sukran ( Friday )

  • Sani ( Saturday )

  • - Raahu

  • - Kethu