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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Laugh ! It is good for health !!

Concert - Amruthavalli Sundaram

  1. Dasavatharam - Raagamalika
  2. Pancharathnamula - Simhendramadhyamam
  3. Pedalulo Kucheludao - Kalyaani
  4. Raagataladi - Ranjani
  5. Sadguru sree - Kaanadaa
  6. Samaanulu evarayya - Panthuvarali
  7. Sriminchu simhasala 
  8. Swami paadhpooja - Kedaaram
  9. Thyagagurni saati evvare - Naadanaamakriya
  10. Yemaataladina - Karaharapriya
...that all the changes occurring right now on this
planet are leading to a better life for all.

The movement here is going to be back to basics,
back to what matters, back to our true values in
families, in relationships, in business and commerce,
in politics, and in the world.

Do not worry, therefore. This is the Time which has
been predicted. And only good will come of it.

Interesting !