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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Concert - Mahanadhi Shobana - 22nd Dec 07

  1. Sri naadhaadhi - Maayamaalavagowlai
  2. Janaardhanaa Paramapaavana - Baalamanjari
  3. Sriranjani - Aalaapanai
  4. Sriranjani - Violin
  5. Paalishamba - Sriranjani
  6. Petra thaaidhanai fwd by Aaraar Aasaipadaar - Naadanaamakriya
  7. Shanmugapriyaa - Aalaapanai
  8. Shanmugapriyaa - Violin
  9. Mariveradhi - Shanmugapriyaa
  10. Thamboori meettidhava - Sindhubairavi
  11. Nalla marundhu - Senchurutti
  12. Govardhana giridhara - Madhuvanthi
  13. Thillaanaa - Desh

Animation photo - 1

Here are some of the amazing animation photos sent by my friends. Hope they appear as they are. Wait for few seconds for the animation work to begin. To enjoy more zoom the page and see.

Smile: it is good for health

I consider these are some of the worst goofings by the performers. I will be glad, if readers can send me worse than this.

The best way..........