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Friday, November 29, 2013

Chong Chiu Sen singing Carnatic Song

from the face book of Balu Hariharan

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Concert - M.S. Subbulakshmi

Download 01-Angarakam-Surutti.mp3
Download 02-Rama Nannu-Harikambhoji.mp3
Download 03-Sarasaksha-Kamavardhini.mp3
Download 04-Sharanam Sharanam-Sowrashtram.mp3
Download 05-Ksheenamai-Mukhari.mp3
Download 06-Gopanandana-Bhushavali.mp3
Download 07-Rave Himagiri (Swarajathi)-Thodi.mp3
Download 08-Gajavadana-Sriranjani.mp3
Download 09-Sarojadhalanetri-Shankarabharanam.mp3
Download 10-Hariharaputram-Vasantha.mp3
Download 11-Ragam Thanam Pallavi-Bhairavi.mp3
Download 12-Kannanidam-Ragamalika.mp3
Download 13-Payyadha (Padam)-Nadanamakriya.mp3
Download 14-Mudi Ondru-Ragamalika.mp3
Download 15-Nadabindu (Thiruppugazh)-Chenchurutti.mp3
Download 16-Pavamana (Mangalam)-Sowrashtram.mp3

...that someone is looking up to you now, preparing to
follow your example. Let this guide your next choice. 

We often think that we are operating in a vaccuum,
thatno one is watching us, that our actions are mostly
private. Yet what if you knew that your every thought,
word, and deed today was going to be imitated by
one who admires you?

Can you feel good about what you are demonstrating?
Wonderful. If your answer is yes, wonderful!

T.N. Rajarathinam

My diary 13th November 2013

There were anxious mails and inquiries about my health, since I did not post anything afresh for the last two months. I am sorry and I thank all the readers for their good wishes. It is this fellow below occupies my mind 24 x 7 and I am not in a position to concentrate on anything. Please pardon me. I will try to post hereafter even though not regularly, but often and also fulfill the various demands made by the readers, After mediafire let me down I have refreshed 6338 files that is nearly 50%  of original postings. I promise, I will try to make this blog active


Blogger Varadarajan.R said...
I can see now why you dont blog off lately. Welcome back.
November 13, 2013 at 6:52 PM
Blogger Varadarajan.R said...
Welcome back. Now I see why you are not blogging of lately. Replacing Kuzhal and Yazhl is great.
November 13, 2013 at 6:54 PM