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Monday, June 22, 2009

Women's Driving Skill

Women's driving skills always made men to smile. Here are some photos of skillful driving which got awards. This is the tenth best driving (!) Nineth in order
This has got eighth prize
This is in the seventh place
Sixth place
Fifth for having a special attachment
Even police women are not exceptional
This is in the third place

This has got the second prize because of the helmet. Can you find out what is wrong in her helmet?
Oh ! This certainly deserves the first prize. Is it not ?

Dholotsavam - Swami Haridhas

  1. Jaya govindhaa
  2. Inba kanaa ondru
  3. Vigna raajam upaasmahe
  4. Hecharika raa raa
  5. Aaragimpave
  6. Vidamo
  7. Saranam bu kari raajaa
  8. Moola chaladane
  9. Godhodhi
  10. Vedhamirandu
  11. Laali laalayaani
  12. Leelaavadhaara jo jo
  13. Phoola baagu
  14. Shobaname
  15. Dhurnaadhame
  16. Hiraithamirdhithe
  17. Manjudhaara
  18. Andhokyaam
  19. Kaaveri dheera
  20. Indhu
  21. Janakaathi
  22. Kunkuma chandhana
  23. Kousalya suprajaa
  24. Hethi hethi
  25. Pooraya mama
  26. Mangalam


51 kAmavardhani, 22 kharaharapriyA janya
A: S M2 P G3 M2 N3 D1 N3 S
Av: R2 S N2 D2 P M1 G2 M1 G2 R2 S

  1. Azhagiya mayilinil - Madurai Somu
  2. Azhagiya mayilinil - Aruna Sairam 
  3. Chandana - T.N. Seshagopalan 
  4. Naache aaye - Ranjani Gayathri
  5. Narajenma - Nithyashree
  6. Thillaanaa - Maharajapuram Santhanam
  7. Thillaanaa - Nithyashree