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Monday, January 3, 2011

Concert - Alathur Brothers
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Download 01.Vanajakshi-Kalyani.mp3
Download 02.Sugunamule-Chakrvaham.mp3
Download 03.Cheravademi-Reethigowlai.mp3
Download 04.Pahi Jagajanani-Vachaspathi.mp3
Download 05.Kanalara-Dhanyasi.mp3
Download 06.Marimarininne-Kamboji.mp3
Download 07.Rama nee-Karaharapriya.mp3
Download 08.Bantureethi-.mp3
Download 09.Inthusalakmuni-Saindavai.mp3
Download 10,Ragam Thanam Pallavi-Thodi.mp3
Download 11.Thirupugaz-Jaunpuri.mp3
Download 12.Sivanai Ninnathavar-Hindolam.mp3
Download 13.Chandrasekara-Sindubhairavi.mp3
Download 14.Thillana.mp3

Download 15.Mangalam.mp3

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Blogger ramas said...
Both sivasubramania Iyer and Srinivasa Iyer are singing together. It is not an exclusive concert of Srinivasa Iyer. However the concert is one of the best of Alathur Brothers. Ramasamy
January 5, 2011 11:44 AM
Blogger hvaidya said...
Thanks Mr. Ramaswamy.
I have uploaded this as Alathur Srinivasa Iyer long back to mediafire, but posted just now to the blog. So I did not remember it. Sorry for the error.
I have corrected it.
January 6, 2011 4:37 AM